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What breed of dog is on the Caesars dog food?


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the breed of dog is a west highland white terrier


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They can eat large breed dog food, but it is not advisable to give Chihuahua's large breed dog. The reason for this is because the food particles in most large breed dog foods are generally to big for small breed dogs to fit in their mouths and chew.

As the Alaskan Malamute is a domestic dog breed, it should eat dry biscuit dog food or tinned dog food. I personally use Wagg Complete Dog Food, but this breed generally has hardy stomachs and can eat most types of Dog food. Tripe, although smelly, is a good option for this breed.

Not as long as they can get regular food in their mouth.

West highland Terrier, or Westie

He/She is a mixed breed. He/She is mostly terrier but it looks like He/She is part retreiver. (\__/) . . (='=) (")_(") .....I dunno how to make a dog....... :)

The real answer to this question is 99.9% in 1 cup of Bil Jac large breed puppy dog food!

Probably the word you're looking for is chow. But I think the dog breed is spelled differently. Maybe chou?

Large or giant breed dog food. It should say the amount on the bag.

No, a dog that is a toy breed has to reproduce with a dog of the same breed. This means that they will produce the same breed of dog. And not a dog out of the toy column.

The dog in the commercial and on the container packages is a mix breed of Terrier, of some sort possibly Schnauzer ,Golden Retriever and Border Collie.

Dog Food. Generally something for the specific size/breed/age.

depends on which one. most foods have all different kinds for example: Cesar has a west highland terrier, most pedigree has a golden retriever, some breed specific food have that breed on it. some iams food have a Boston terrier on it. what kind of food?

How much to feed a dog is based on their breed and weight. Most brands of dog food have a recommended amount chart of their food on the back.

Do you mean the dog actor? Then its a Westie breed.

Newfoundland is a dog breed. It is a large dog that consumes a lot of food.

It depends on the dog breed, size and age. When you buy dog food, the quantity of food a dog of a particular age must consume is printed on the sides of the bag. you can follow it.

My vet recommend the Royal Canin food products. They have food types based the size your dog will be. My puppy is a large-breed dog so we gave her the MAXI Babydog 30 food which is for large-breed dogs right after they are weened until they are 5 months old. It's made especially for little puppies. They also have a generic puppy food. As far as how much food to give them, read the directions on the back of the food bag. But most baby dogs eat 2 cups of food twice a day since they are growing so much. However, if your dog is a small-breed dog they may need to eat less. After the babydog food, we gave her the large breed puppy food until she was 15 months old. Now she's just on the large breed dog food. Royal Canin as has small and medium breed food too.

The dachshund is nicknamed the "wiener dog" or "sausage dog," but it was the dog that actually gave the food (hot dog) its name.

The amount of food you feed a dog depends on the size and breed of the dog so its difficult to answer your question

i am pretty sure the breed is a west highland terrier. (Westie)

It depends on what size or breed your dog is. Ask your local vet to help you out.

What is a breed of hutch dog?

No, drifter is not a breed of dog.

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