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The Andalusian breed was derived from Iberian, Arabian and Barb horses.

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No. The Andalusian and Lipizzan horses are different breeds. They are closely related, but are distinct breeds with separate breed registries. The International Andalusian and Lusitano Horse Association has a website, so does The Lipizzan Association of North America.

The Azteca is a cross between a Quarter Horse and an Andalusian.

Percheron, Andalusian, and Lippizzaner are all breeds of Horses.

Percheron, Andalusian, and Lippizzaner are all breeds of horses.

there are many breeds of horses, which include arab, barb, thoroughbred, andalusian, lippizzaner, appaloosa, quarter horse, and many more.

The Andalusian (known as "The Spanish Horse") The Carthusian Horse breeds of Spanish descent but not necessarily originated from Spain: Lusitanos, Peruvian Pasos, Paso Finos, Aztecas, Spanish Mustangs, Mangalargas, and Criollos

HI, the most popular horse breeds for jumping are....... Andalusian Thoroughbred and Arabian and the most popular jumping pony breeds are.... Connemara, Welsh, Shetland, and Miniature horses ~Hope that answers your question~

Andalusian Most of the American stock horse breeds are used for cattle work, including the Quarter Horse, the Paint Horse, the Appaloosa, and various cross-breeds of them. In theory, any breed can work cattle, but the stock horse breeds are known for their "cow sense." Andalusians are highly prized in some regions for their bravery and cow sense.

Andalusian horses (and not all of those) are PRE Andalusian.

No, markings do not vary between sexes in horse breeds, they are soley based upon genetics and some enviromental factors.

The Andalusian horse comes from the Andalusian region of Spain. Most Andalusians are now called Pure Raza Espanol or PRE for short. Thorough any horse bred in that particular region can still be called an Andalusian.

The thoroughbred and the quarter horse are the breeds that make up an appendix Quarter Horse.

A PRE horse is a registered Andalusian. They go for a lot of money, and are one of the most ancient and graceful breeds. They were used in ancient India, but only the ichest and finiest riders rode them.

By Spanish horse I assume you mean an Andalusian or Pura Raza Espanola (PRE). These horses run at about the same speed as most other breeds of horse that were not bred for racing, 15 to 25 MPH.

The Andalusian is a Spanish Horse... Are you meaning another Spanish breed? Additional Info: Yes and No, I don't mean another breed of horse, that is the breeds name,"Spanish Horse". The Andalusian Horse is not considered a pure breed by the Spanish Horse Registery, they believe it to be of mixed blood. Yet in other countries, such as the United States the Andalusian Horse is often used to describe the same horse, or one so similar as to be impossible to tell without papers. (even then there are questions concerning the "truth" of these papers) due to the age of the records of breedings and births. But, I've read that there are two listings for registering these animals in the US one for a Spanish Horse and another for Andalusian Horse. But I understand that the Spanish Horse communtiy will not accept this. It seems that a serious debate has been brewing about the hertiage of these wonderful animals. What is, if any, the differences between these horses? I'm not 100% sure if there is such breed "Spanish Horse". I have done alot of looking around but, cannot find anything apart from the Andalusian horse.

The Akhal-Teke, American Paint, Andalusian, Ardennais, Trakehner. Lots of others. I can not name them all. Morganizer from Bay Server :)

Howrse answers = * Andalusian * Lusitano

Not too sure what you're asking here. Are you asking what the name of a horse would be if it's got Andalusian, Quarter Horse and Criollo? Well, for one, Criollo isn't exactly a true breed, it's just a colour breed, and if the horse of this mix is not Criollo itself the Criollo part of the equation wouldn't count nor matter. Thus this leaves us with the possibility of saying the horse is an Andalusian-Quarter horse cross. Answer 2: Well in Mexico the cross of Andalusian/Quarter horse & Criollo is called an Azteca. In the USA the cross is Andalusian/Quarter horse or Paint horse and is called an American Azteca.

The Andalusian is from Spain. They are also known as the Pura Raza Espanola, or the Pure Spanish Horse.

Andalusian horse named Traveler

Zorro's horse Toronado is an Andalusian in the books, but a Friesian horse played him in the movie.

Typically an Andalusian ranges in weight from 1,000-1,300 pounds on average.

Not really but they are very expensive so not lots have them.

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