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A termite has 4 wings. But when resting and wings are folded it may appear to be two wings.

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Q: What bug has 2 white wings?
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How many wings does a lady bug have?

2 wings a lady bug has

What bug has a white body with black wings?

More information is needed to properly identify a bug with a white body and black wings. It's most likely a whitefly or a termite.

What bug has a milky white body and iridescent wings?

Most likely a moth.

What bug is 2 inches long has six legs wings and a triangle on it's back?

The bug that is 2 inches long and has six legs, wings, and a triangle on its back sounds like a stinkbug. When it is disturbed, this bug will let out a very fowl odor.

What animals have two legs and wings?

birds not animals have 2 legs and wings

What are the flying bugs with a red body black wings and probably nests in the ground?

Its a bug that is red and it has white stripes on it body and it has wings and its not on the internet any where anyone know what it is?

How many wings does a lightning bug have?

A Lightning bug has 4 wings. Two on their back and one underneath each wing.

Do a bug has wings?

yes most bugs do

What insect has a thin white body with white wings and white limbs and white antennae?

Could be a cabbage white, not only are they small but are the most common butterfly. Possibly a wood white, depending on if you are outside US.

How many wings does an assassin bug have?

some have wings and some don't, but mostly the assassin bugs wings are useless

What are insects with no wings called?

They could be a stick insect, OR a bug with no wings. That is some Ideas from: AL33241

Black white striped bug with wings antennae also striped?

Possibly a banded alder borer? Possibly a banded alder borer?