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M-16,50cal.,I think a 170cal. ak-47 nd AR-15.hahaha.I spend to much time around military men and women...haha

M-16,50cal.,I think a 170cal. ak-47 nd AR-15.hahaha.I spend to much time around military men and women...haha

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Use penetrate in a sentence?

Bullets can penetrate some metals.

How do use the word penetrate in a sentence?

We need to penetrate their defences.The needle will penetrate his skin.

How can you fire bullets from police helicopter in gta vice city?

You cannot fire bullets from police helicopter.You can fire from hunter helicopter and police boat by using fire control.

Can bullets penetrate a Komodo Dragon?

yes it goes through when you use a C4 KABOOM

How does a bullet works?

Bullets penetrate, and then depending their construction, they either stay together, fragment or expand.

What are bullets with a Teflon coating known as?

Teflon coated bullets are more commonly known as "Cop killer bullets" due to their ability to penetrate hard targets including the bullet proof vests worn by the police.

Does the bullets in Normandie could really penetrate in the water like in ''Saving Private Ryan'' movie?

bullets do not go far after being fired into water.............and are unlikely to penetrate a body after couple of feet into water....Most bullets will shatter after going a few inches into the water, however, if they are already slowed down enough, they could go through the water and kill someone.

Why do army officers where hats?

They actually contain self-guiding missiles that launch out of the brim of the hat when bullets penetrate their brow

How does the armor-piercing bullet work?

There are several different technologies with armor-piercing bullets. A common one is for the bullet to have a thin core of steel, or other hard metal. Typically bullets have soft lead surrounded by soft copper. When these bullets hit something, they deform, usually increasing their diameter as they penetrate. Most armor exploits this property. Steel will not deform like lead & copper, and is much more likely to penetrate deeper than a regular bullet.

Where is the missile helicopter in gta vice city?

when you find all the hidden packages you will see a hunter in military base.....it can shoot both missiles and bullets....

What passwords are there for Dragon Ball Z budokai 3?

if you type inAIDSMAINIA: You get a character called aids that pwnsIf you type in ROFLCOPTERLOLOLIOLOLOLOLOLOLO: You get a helicopter that shoots bullets of ROFL

Do bullets go through people?

Some do, yes, and some will instead get lodged into or bounce around inside the body cavity, rather than penetrate all the way through.

We've all seen movies and shows where someone jumps in front of a bullet in order to protect a loved one So for a typical handgun would it still pass through to the other person details and examples?

Some would, some wouldn't. It would be hard to give examples here. Try an internet search for "bullet ballistics" and see what you find. Some bullets penetrate a few inches, some bullets can penetrate several feet.

Which machine gun is mounted on to a helicopter which can fire the fastest rate of bullets?

You're probably thinking of the M134 'Minigun', which is capable of firing at a rate of 6000 rounds per minute.

What are blue bullets?

Blue bullets are bullets are high quality Polymer Coated Lead Bullets.

Why was spherical bullets replaced with conical bullets?

Because conical sounds like comical and people didnt want to scare little babies with scary words so they said they used conical/"comical" bullets to keep everyone thinking that it was just a funny bullet that made you laugh when really it was going to kill you instantly. Bullets that have conical points have better aerodynamics than round bullets (technically, the round projectiles are called shot, not bullets), therefore they are more able to fly in a straight path and hit their target accurately; they are also better able to penetrate their target. You could never make shot that can pierce armor, it needs a pointy tip.

Which is correct an helicopter or a helicopter?

Everybody I know says A helicopter.

A group of bullets?

A group of bullets is called a fusillade."a fusillade of bullets"

Can swords deflect bullets?

Yes, swords can deflect bullets(block bullets), they can also split bullets in half.

What is cytolasm?

a helicopter a helicopter

What is a purple helicopter?

A purple helicopter is a helicopter of the color purple. Really?

Why is there a fantail in a helicopter?

For the helicopter body to be in balance and direction to steer the helicopter.

Who flies a helicopter in the army?

A helicopter pilot flies a helicopter in the army.

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