What busism people believed after death?

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Why did they burn the people in the black death?

They believed many people to be witches. Hence "black" death.

What did people believed caused the black death at the time it occurred?

No one knew.

What did people believe to be the cause of the disease which was the Black Death?

People believed that the cause of the disease was revengre from God.

Was it God who caused Black Death 1348?

No. But people in the middle ages believed so.

What was the name of the place in the Underworld where good people were believed to go after death?

Elysian Fields.

Did the French people think the guillotine was humane?

yes they believed it caused instant death

How do you know the ancient people believed in life after death?

It is attested in the writings of ancient civilisations.

What was peoples attitudes towards the black death?

people believed that the Black Death was by god. It was due to anger of god.

Where did people believe the black death had come from?

people believed that the black death came from Europe when the boats brought in imports and exports to London and other parts of England.

Why were people whipping themselves in the black death?

During this time people believed that the plague was a punishment for human sin. By whipping themselves they believed that they were helping to pay back for the sins we had committed.

Have people been wrongfully put to death by death penalty?

Yes, there have been multiple people who are believed to be innocent and been put to death. Cameron Todd Willingham of Corsicana, Texas was put to death because he was believed to have killed his 3 daughters by starting a fire in his home. Later on many people cast doubt on whether the evidence that he started the fire was sufficient enough to convict him of the murder.

What did people compare the black death to?

In my knowledge of this topic it wasn't compared to a specific disease, it was compared to the equivalent of hell, as people believed the black death was a punishment sent by god.

Is Tupac faking his death?

No Tupac died, in Las Vegas in September. Many people believed he faked his death because people need a way to deal with his death. If Pac was around today music would be different.

What were some of the myths that surrounded the black death?

it was believed to be a punishment from God to the people of Europe excluding Scotland

Why did people have these beliefs about the black death?

because they were desperate for a cure so they believed anything and tried everything.

What was the peoples beliefs about the black death?

They believed it was the work of God's anger towards the people for being a sinful human race. They also believed that is was the King death that had the body of a skeleton but it could still walk and talk. People believed that if you underestimated or hurt his feelings and got him angry, he would attack you in your sleep and you would have the black plague. Don't worry I am currently learning the Black Death in school now!

Why did some people believed in witches?

people believed in witches because they wanted someone to blame for the black death and other bad things that happened such as lightening, crops not harvesting and barns setting alight

What is the cure if in 1348 when the black death happened you came in contact with infected people?

people believed that the cure for the black death was vinear however many people believed it was a punishment from god so they would pray in hope of him uninfecting them.this of course did not happen and England lost almost 33%- 55% of there population.

What is the true color of death?

the true color of death is White, but most people perfer black because it's dark and twisted. or if Robert Jordan is to be believed "Trust is the colour of Death"

Was Michael Collins death ordered by De Valera?

Many people believed so, but it is now generally accepted that he did not.

What did people believe help the black death?

they believed alot of things they killed cats and they even killed dogs

What did the ancient egyptians believed when they died?

from what I found out they believed in plant life after death.

What was the hopeful view of death in which the ancient egyptians believed?

The egyptians believed in the afterlife.

Why were the people sacrificed in the Aztecs?

The Aztecs believed that to show their devotion, love and belief to their gods they had to sacrifice human life. They believed that there was no new life without death. lalala fart :)

Why did the Eygptians preserve bodies of dead people?

Egyptians believed in life after death and believed that the same mortal body would be reborn in afterlife. Therefore they preserved bodies by mummyfying.