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There are a few cables used to connect a monitor to the rest of the system.

VGA-(Video Graphics Array) a 15 pin male connector and is the most common type of connector, it has been the standard since 1987. Although very common DVI is quickly taking its place.

DVI-(Digital Visual Interface) a video interface standard designed to provide very high visual quality on digital display devices such as flat panel LCD computer displays and digital projectors.

HDMI-a compact audio/video interface for transmitting uncompressed digital data. It represents a digital alternative to consumer analog standards. This is the newest and by far the best connection type for monitors as it transfers but video and audio. This cable type however has only recently become supported by mainstream video card creator.

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It depends how old the CPU is. Modern ones use a USB connector, older ones use a 15-way D connector.

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HDMI cables are used to relay signal between other HDMI compatible sources. DVI to HDMI cables may need to be used depending on the TV model, make and compatibility.

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Q: What cable use to connect monitor to CPU?
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Can we connect CPU to laptop?

i think you could also use a vga cable

How do you connect laptop to CPU without network?

Assuming that by CPU you are referring to a separate desktop machine, you can use a crossover ethernet cable to connect them directly

How can I connect my PS4 to my Dell monitor- which is really old and doesn't have a HDMI cable port?

Use an adapter which would connect to the monitor and PS4. Old monitors usually have a VGA port. Look for a HDMI to VGA cable

Which of these connectors can use to connect a CRT monitor?

It's called D-Sub or VGA cable.

Where can one purchase a PC monitor cable from?

One can purchase a PC monitor cable from Cable Depot, Cabling4Less, PC World, WAE+, Best Buy, Amazon, eBuyer, Net Store Direct and eBay stores. One can use PC monitor cable to connect PC to a monitor.

Can you hook up a laptop top case to a monitor?

Yes you can, just use a VGA cable and that will typically allow you to connect a laptop to a monitor. Once you connect the monitor, you need to go to your properties and allow the monitor extend the screen.

Can you connect a PS3 to a 9 monitor?

Yes, it is very possible to connect your PS3 to a computer monitor. To do this you will need to purchase a converter cable from PS3 to monitor input and use this to connect your PS3. The only drawback to this is your PS3 will not be outputting in HD, only SD.

How to connect 2 cpu's 1 monitor 1 internet connection?

use kvm switch, for more info serach for "kvm switch".

I need the name of the program or device that allows you to use a computer as a screen for game consoles refering to the actual consoles.?

Try a HDMI cable for your monitor and connect the Xbox/PS3( I'm not sure if this works for PS3 ) to the monitor with the HDMI cable.

Which accessory will let me use a large monitor for my laptop?

You simply have to buy a cable to connect your laptop to the monitor.They cost around five dollars.

How do you hook up your IBM laptop to an external monitor?

If the IBM laptop you use has a VGA port you just connect your monitor cable directly to the port. Then turn on the laptop and it should install the drivers needed to use the external monitor automatically. If you laptop does not have a VGA port then you will need a "Laptop replica port" to add the VGA port so you can connect the monitor.

How do you connect your MacBookAir to tv monitor to watch downloaded movie?

MacBooks have a port called ThunderBolt, and most newer TVs have a VGA port. I use a ThunderBolt/VGA cable to connect my Mac to the television. Once connected, the television will act as a dual monitor, or you can adjust settings for a mirrored monitor.