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Q: What came before the woolly mammoth?
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Did the Australopithecus kill woolly mammoth?

No. Australopithecus was a herbivore, and died out before the first Mammoth.

What eats the woolly mammoth?

Humans eat the woolly mammoth!

Where did the elephant come from?

It came from Africa and Asia, where it originated from the woolly mammoth.

What was before the woolly mammoth?

seeing as they lived in the ice age, the dinosaurs.

How can you tell the difference between a female woolly mammoth and a male woolly mammoth?

Their tusks

What is woolly mammoth in Hindi?

Wooly Mammoth :)

What made the wooly mammoth different?

the woolly mammoth was different from lots. But, scientist say the woolly mammoth was never different.

Is the woolly mammoth extinct or endangered?

the woolly mammoth became extinct a number of decades ago

When was Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company created?

Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company was created in 1980.

What made the woolly mammoth so unique?

The Woolly Mammoth was so unique because of its large size. In fact the term "mammoth" means large, enormous size. It's also unique because the Woolly Mammoth was very woolly and it is the ancestor of the modern elephant.

What is woolly mammoth in called Hindi?

Wooly Mammoth :)

What is the woolly mammoths Latin name?

Mammuthus primigenius is the Latin name for the woolly mammoth.