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Neither. First came the egg and then the chicks. This happened as a result of a long period of evolution. Birds formed from reptiles according to the theory of evolution by Charles Darwin. With struggle and nature's selection, certain reptiles managed to develop beaks and feathers and became birds. thus as a matter of evolution, a certain species must have laid eggs from which chicks originated and this process became continuous in the bird's community.

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What came first chick or egg?

Neither. The chicken came first, not the chick or the egg. God created adults first. not babies

What is the life cycle o the chicken?

the life cycle of a chicken is simple. Egg- Chick- Chicken and then back to the egg. You may have heard the brainteaser ' What came first? the chicken or the egg?' it was definatley the chicken.

Which is first the egg or the chicken?

the chicken 'cause if the egg came first how will it know what to do and where will it had came from??? so the chicken came first.

Who come first egg or chicken?

The chicken came first. Because, then where did the first egg come from. And the first chicken came from God.

What happend first the chicken or the egg?

the egg the creature that was destined to evolve into a chicken was already laing eggs before it evolved into a chicken, so it is reasonable to assume that once upon a time the first chick came out of an egg,

Which came first the chicken or the egg and the rooster counts as a chicken?

Technically the ancestors of the chicken came first.

Which came first- the chicken or the egg and how did the chicken or the egg come to be?

The thing that came first was a chicken.

Does the chick or the egg come first?

why are you asking? The egg comes first now, but no one know what accually came first. I thing a chicken came from a whacked out dinosaur egg, since they apperently evolved from a t rex.

Who is first the chicken or the egg?

the chicken came first

I think that the chicken came first and their had to be 1 or the other that came first or there wouldn't be a chicken nor an egg so i think your hypososis about that is wrong?

I will clear up the question:"What came first, the chicken or the egg?"You are correct, the chicken came first.

What comes first an egg or chicken?

By science the chicken came first because of evolving of a species into the chicken By science the chicken came first because of evolving of a species into the chicken

Who came first egg or chick?

the egg

Who came first chick or the egg?

In a study conducted by the University of Arizona, the chicken came first. They discovered that our modern day chicken came from the dinosaurs, and not all dinosaurs laid eggs. Said dinosaur gave live birth, but after whatever catastrophic event made them extinct, the species adapted and evolved to lay eggs (to protect their off-spring). So the dinosaur adapted and evolved to an egg-laying mammal, and that animal evolved into a chicken. Then the chicken laid the egg. So technically, the dinosaur came first, but that's not an option. So it was the chicken that came first.

What came first the chicken egg or Kentucky Fried Chicken?

There is much debate about whether the chicken or the egg came first, but both came before KFC.

What is the offspring of chicken called?

The offspring of a chicken is called a chick. They are fuzzy and hatch from an egg.

What came first the chicken or the egg I know the answer?

The chicken came first. Why? The chicken came first because the actual chicken evolved from an ancestor, the Archaeopteryx. Actually many birds evolved from this magnificent bird. Then the chicken lays the egg and so on.

What is the difference between a chick and chicken?

ok a chick is a chicken but it is not fully developed it is the young of the chicken that's why they call it the chick but there is no further explanation about it

What came first the egg or thechicken?

The chicken came first. God created the first chicken(s), which then laid the first egg.

Who came first-hen or a chicken?

Preferably, the hen came first but then came the chicken. So biologically speaking the hen came first but 4 out of 10 chances, scientists believe that the chicken came first, so they are coming up with various results.

What came first-The chicken of the egg?

the chicken

What came first domesticated chicken or game chicken?

domesticated chicken

Who came first !! The chicken or the egg?

the egg came first because where are you going to get the chicken if their is no egg... you can't get a chicken out of thin air need a egg to get the first chicken.... then that chicken lays a egg ...then that one does , then the next and so on...the earth's matter made up the first egg....kill the first'll still have a egg to get another chicken...kill the first egg.... chickens would cease to ''egg-sist''(exsist).The egg came first from another animal that adapted into the chicken. Kind of like how humans came from monkeys.

What is inside a chick?

chicken and HIC (cHICk)

How do you say chicken on japan?

chick chick

What camefirst the chicken or the egg?

From an evolutionary standpoint, the egg came first. From a creationist viewpoint, the chicken came first.

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