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What camels are endangered?

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Bactrian camels

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Are dromedary endangered?

Dromedary camels are not endangered. Dromedary camels are the camels that have one hump. Bactrian camels are endangered. These camels have two humps.

Are camels endangered or not?

no they are no

Why are giffafes endangered?

Giraffe, who are relatives of camels, are not endangered.

Are camels an endangered species?

In general no, but some of the wild herds of camel are endangered.

Are bactrian camels endangered?

Yes, they are, but are protected.

Is camels endangered?

yes because of ranches expanding

Why are dromedary camels endangered?

because im a snake

Is a camel endangered?

no!! btw camels are awesome ;P

Are camels getting killed?

yes i think so. camels are becoming endangered animals and getting killed.

Are camels endangered?

Dromedary (one-humped camels) are domesticated, and thus in no more danger of dying out than cats or dogs. Bactrian camels are also domesticated, but the small wild population is critically endangered, due to capture and habitat loss.

Are two humped camels endangered?

The Bactrian camel or two humped camel is critically endangered in the wild, with only around 800 left. In domestic Bactrian camels, there are around 1.8 million estimated.

What endangered animals live in deserts?

camels dingos dragons (Komodo dragons) Camels are not endangered. Komodo dragons do not live in deserts. The pure dingo is endangered, but many of Australia's dingo populations have interbred with wild dogs. Endangered animals that live in deserts include Australian animals such as the bilby, the Julia Creek dunnart and the Central rock-rat.

Why do some camels have one hump and others have two?

Because there are two species of camels in the world. Camels with one hump are called Dromedary Camels. These are found in the Middle-East, Africa and Southern Asia. Camels with two humps are called Bactrian Camels. These species are found in Central Asia and Eastern Asia. Bactrian Camels, according to the United Nations, are listed as critically endangered. Check out the related links below for more information.

Why do you call camels camels?

Because camels are camels

What is group of camels called?

Collective nouns for camels are a herd of camels, a caravan of camels, a train of camels, or a flock of camels.

Why are bactrian camels are endangered?

Bactrian camels are camels with two humps. They only live in the desert of Mongolia and northwestern China. They are threatened by habitat loss due to mining and industrial products in their habitat. Also, livestock herders sometimes kill them because they compete with livestock for very limited food sources and water.

What is the collective noun for camels?

The collective nouns for camels are:a caravan of camelsa flock of camelsa herd of camelsa train of camels

What is a camels foot called?

a camels foot it called a camels foot not a hooves prehistoric camels may have had hooves but present day camels do not so a camels foot is called a camels foot

What are camels called in a collective group?

The collective nouns for camels is a herd of camels or a caravan of camels.

Are there camels in Botswana?

if you see that it have camels it have camels and if you don't see one it don't have camels...........................maybe..............

Why are camels camels?

Camels are camels because that is what they were born to be. They are found primarily in desert area in the middle east.

Do all camels look the same?

No, there are many camels and many looks for camels

How do camels courting?

How do camels court you mean?Look up camels in wikipedia.

Are camels threatened?

Camels are NOT threatened. They are not even close. So, the answer is NO. Camels ARE NOTthreatened.

How are camels born and how are they born?

Camels are born from there butt.Some camels do it the other way.

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