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What campaign was the Battle of Vicksburg in?


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It was called the Vicksburg Campaign.

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It is called the Vicksburg Campaign.

The Vicksburg Campaign lasted from late May to early July of 1863.

The Battle of Vicksburg was the final major military action in the Vicksburg Campaign in the US Civil War and gave the North control of the Mississippi River.

The Union controlled the Mississippi River after defeating the Confederates in the Vicksburg Campaign.

Battle of Vicksburg & Campaign Battle of Champion's Hill (part of Vicksburg campaign) Battle of Raymond Battle of Port Gibson Battle of Brice's Crossroads -- victory by Gen Forrest Battle of Fort Pemberton (part of Vicksburg Campaign) Grierson's Raid - a Union cavalry corps rode through Mississippi on a raid. Battle of Corinth Battle of Tupelo (Battle of Shiloh was just across the border in Tennessee)

The Vicksburg Campaign, specifically the Siege of Vicksburg, established control of the Mississippi River.

The vicksburg Campaign convinced Lincoln that Grant was the right man to lead the whole Union Army.

Military actions in Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi all contributed to the Vicksburg Campaign.

People in the northern states were not directly effected by the Vicksburg campaign.

The Campaign of Vicksburg began as siege in 1862 and was finally taken by the Union Troops on 4 July 1863.

The Siege of Vicksburg was the last significant battle of what was known as the Vicksburg Campaign. It occurred during the American Civil War, and the outcome was a decisive victory for the Union.

The campaign to sieze Vicksburg took place over a four state area around Vicksburg, Mississippi (Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi).

The final stage of the Vicksburg Campaign, the Siege of Vicksburg, started the last week of May and ended the first week of July in 1863.

The Vicksburg Campaign was a long campaign where the Union forces moved ships and troops around Vicksburg in order to get into position. In May 1863, the Battle of Champion's Hill caused the Confederates to retreat back into the defenses of Vicsburg, which began a month-long siege of the city. Five times General Grant tried to attack Vicksburg and break through the defenses and all failed unil his final assault. The campaign has a lot of detailed history. I would recommend you check out the TIME-LIFE book on Vicksburg. It is not that thick and has good history with maps and such. Or you could try s book by Wiley Sword that is a 2-volume history of the entire Vicksburg Campaign.

Was a battle fought June 7th, 1863. Was a part of the Vicksburg Campaign of the Civil War.

The Battle for Vicksburg was actually the culmination of the Vicksburg campaign that involved fight and maneuver before the final siege of the city, which itself lasted from May 18 to July 4, 1863. The commanders were Major General Grant,U.S.A. vs. Lt. General Pemberton,C.S.A. The operations against Vicksburg actually started in 1862. It was a long, drawn out, bloody affair.

The campaign to capture Vicksburg continued in fits and starts from late in 1862 until its surrender. The Siege of Vicksburg, the final phase, lasted from May 18th to July 4th of 1863.

The address of the Friends Of Vicksburg Military Park And Campaign Inc is: 1612 Mission 66, Vicksburg, MS 39180-3706

The Battle of Vicksburg began in May 1863

The Battle of Vicksburg started on May 18th 1863. The Battle of Vicksburg ended on July 4th 1863.

U.S. Grant masterminded the Vicksburg campaign against great diffiulties and took the surrender of the garrison by the Confederate commander John C. Pemberton. This campaign had revealed Grant's stature as a brilliant strategist, who would soon be promoted General-in-Chief.

The Battle of Vicksburg is also called the Siege of Vicksburg

the bad things happened at the Vicksburg Campaign was that the confederates surrendered and they had to give the union there land and there soldiers.

It marked the beginning of the Union ascendancy in the West. It was followed by the Vicksburg campaign which liberated the Mississippi.

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