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  • Cheating has never gotten most people anywhere and now you are paying the price. All you have to do is say the relationship is over and walk away, but be prepared for the worst and face up to your indiscretion. This unmarried woman can threaten to tell your wife (blackmail) or possibly your boss if she should work in the company where you do. A small percentage of women that have affairs with men and he breaks off the affair can be very dangerous and even attempt to harm the man she was involved with or his wife. You would be wise to tell your wife the truth right after you break up with this unmarried woman and if she continues to bother you then put a restraining order against her.


I sure don't want to be in your shoes right now. Your world is falling apart and you can't stop it. This unmarried woman that you had an affair with is finally letting you know what she wanted from you. I don't know why you choose to have the affair in the first place, and now your wondering if you can break your relationship with her. It's a lesson and learn for you,and your mistress will not just play dead because you say so. Do accept my apology for being blunt to you but you can't" bake a cake and eat to." You remind me of my husband, after using his mistress he wants to call it quit for some odd reason.

The worst scenario that he did was he told her he loves her. spoiled her with all the attention he can give her. He said, he was planning to break it up with her but was waiting for the right time to tell her so he wouldn't hurt her, but instead of just tell her that it's over, he kept calling her and visited her. And now I am dealing with his ex mistress.

Do you think you deserve of what's going on with your life now, if you only didn't have the affair?

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Q: What can I do if I am a married man having an affair with an unmarried woman and now wish to break up the relationship but she does not want to?
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You don't stay in the relationship. It will just get worse. If he wants to be with you he wouldn't be having an affair.

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Its called adultery it's in the ten commandments it says you should not have an affair with a married person even if your married or not

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