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That is a problem if it's been swollen since you got ie pierced. See a doctor ASAP.

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You have had swollen and tender breasts for three months with very visible blue and red veins and have had discomfort in your abdomen pregnancy tests all negative period stopped what could it be?

You've had swollen and tender breasts for three months with very visible blue and red veins? Why have you not seen a doctor about it?

How long is blue tongue skink pregnancy?

Approximately three to six months, depending on the age and locality.

Will HTP show negative when you are three months pregnant?

An HTP should still be positive at 3 months

How long should your knee be swollen and red after knee replacement?

It can take up to three months for the swelling and redness to start to disappear after knee replacement.

I had scoliosis surgery about three months ago can you still go to the army as a translator?

no you can not you have to wait about 6 months or a year they will not take you if you go after three months. it does not matter your going as a active duty

Is it possible to still be pregnant if you get your period?


Can you travel to France with 3 months left on your passport?

i only have three months left on my passport can i still travel to Europe

Does big Syrian female hamster can be with young Syrian male hamster?

If they're both at least three months, it works. If the male is still under three months, then no.

How long can you leave your tongue ring out if you had it for three months?

Just a couple of hours, if that. Tongue piercings close extremely quickly, no matter how long you've had them. I had one for over a year, took it out for eight hours, and it had closed in that time.

How long after you get your lip pierce does it stay swollen?

Shouldn't be swollen for more than two or three days, tops.

How long does it take so that betta fry get their original color?

It takes about two to three months (mine are still small and are at 2 months)

Is it safe to eat pork sausage frozen for 3 months?

Yes, the sausage should still be good after being frozen for three months.

Can you be three months pregnant and still get negative ultrasound result?

i am 6 months pregant,,i know i am and i had an ultrasound and it came out negative i was getting worried about it..

Does Candice Michelle still wrestle WWE?

Yes She Is Injured She has been injured for three months

Can you be three months pregnant and still get a negative test result?

Not unless there's something wrong with the test.

What does a pit bull Great Dane mix look like?

This is my pitbull greatdane mix at three months This is my pitbull greatdane at 8 months! and still growing

Why might your period be irregular for the past three months when you were on the Depo-Provera shot for a year and a half with no period at all?

your body is still adjusting to the hormones that are from the Depo shot. It takes 3 months minimum for all the hormones to leave your body just as it is when you are still on Depo and have to have another shot every three months. Give it another 2 - 6 months to go back to normal.

Why am I still bleeding three months after birth?

If you are still bleeding three months after birth, you should contact your health care provider today for advice. The problem could be infection, retained products, or another complication; or there could be no medical problem but a possible side effect of your birth control.

When do you tell a pig is ready to mate?

When a female pig is about five to six months old, and is receptive for two to three days of each 21 day cycle, she is ready to mate. If her vulva is swollen she is in heat.

Does the tongue hurt during the week after it is pierced?

everyone is different. my daughter got a piercing under the tongue and said itdid not hurt, months later got another piercing at the tip of the tongue and said hell ya it hurts. others friends of mine saidactualy two out of three said yes it hurt for a day or two.

What are the three months of summer?

The three months of summer is December, January and February.

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