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I would check with my insurance agent. Personally, I get discounts for having home owner insurance, multiple cars, and, defensive driving.

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Geico and Allstate both offer discount vehicle insurance, just check out their websites.

Generally, smaller family sedans will fetch the cheapest insurance premiums. Sports cars and trucks tend to have higher rates.

"Discount health insurance is intended for individuals with a lower income. However, there are ways to get the cheaper insurance, especially if you are a student."

Any vehicle that is going to be used for commercial purposes would qualify for a commercial vehicle loan. You will also have to have commercial insurance on the vehicle.

Whether or not an auto insurance discount is available to customers on the basis of driving record is variable depending on the particular insurance company. However, for one to realistically expect to merit such a discount, a record with no points is necessary.

Most companies will offer competitive prices on motorcycle insurance, however, it may be more simple for you to just contact your auto insurance company and get a quote for adding this second policy to your account. It may also qualify you for a multi-vehicle discount.

You can go to to search for car insurance in the Wisconsin region.

Geico and Allstate both offer discount vehicle insurance, just check out their websites.

Most companies have a driver training or defensive driving discount of one sort or another.

The new insurance company is asking for proof of prior insurance coverage. Some insurance companys have what they call a "proof of prior" discount. This means that you may qualify for a discount if you can prove you had previous insurance with no lapse in coverage. Be sure to ask your insurance agent for a further explanation.

In general, you gain more coverage for the required stuff (liability, injury), and coverage for things not covered by discount insurance such as theft and fire.

Usually you can get a discount if you are a good driver by not having any tickets or accidents.

Geico and Allstate both offer discount vehicle insurance, just check out their websites.

Every insurance company I have every dealt with offers a discount for a second vehicle added to a policy. This is a multi-car discount and usually is about 20% or so.

Try varoius sites like,,, etc.

A number of factors affect the price you pay for vehicle insurance, but you want to qualify for discount vehicle insurance there are a number of things you can do. First, it's important to know the factors you can't control – your age and your gender. Women in their thirties and forties typically pay lower insurance rates than men of the same and lower ages due to simple numbers. Statistics consistently indicate that women drivers cause fewer accidents than their male counterparts. What's the difference? It can be as high as 20 or 30 percent, even with a good driving record on your side. Age is the second uncontrollable factor when it comes to determining insurance premium rates and whether you qualify for discounted vehicle insurance. With car accidents ranking the leading cause of death among teenagers and the understanding that experience plays a big role in accident statistics, drivers between the ages of 16 and 21 pay the highest premium rates of any age group. Now, let's discuss the factors you can control when it comes to determining your vehicle insurance premiums. Your credit rating. Surprisingly or not, your credit score determines more than your ability to pay your debts, it determines your ability and willingness to pay insurance premiums on time. Your driving record. This is not a surprising factor, of course, but your record of driving is one of the first factors insurance companies examine and use to determine your insurance rates. Get a lot of speeding tickets? Expect to pay higher vehicle insurance premiums. Your vehicle. The type of vehicle you drive can influence the vehicle insurance rates you pay too. Cars with a manual transmission are lest expensive to repair than those with an automatic transmission, for example. Statistics are the name of the game when it comes to discount vehicle insurance, so if you drive a car that is often in an accident – statistically speaking, that is – then, expect to pay higher rates. Your vehicle loan. If you are paying for your vehicle, your loan company will typically require that you maintain a relatively adequate level of insurance in case the vehicle is destroyed. If your vehicle is paid off, you can get away with a reduced level of insurance because the bank no longer has an interest in the vehicle's payments.

You do not need good credit to apply or qualify for AAA discount. Just by being a yearly member your qualifiy for these discount at local business and restaurants.

MULTI CAR DISCOUNT A discount offered by some insurance companies for those with more than one vehicle insured on the same policy. In some cases, if you drive a company car insured by your company, your own insurance company may give you the multi-car discount.

Yes. If you have many vehicles to insurance, most companies would be very happy to offer you a discount.

Possibly. Many insurance companies have a discount if your child is away at school that is 150 or more miles away. This is only if your student does not take the vehicle with them to school. If they do have a vehicle with them at school you need to make sure that the insurance company is notified of the address at school and which vehicle they have at school. Make sure you are honest with the insurance company during this time. If you get the discount be sure that you notify the company if any instance arises where the student wants to take the vehicle to school.

There are particular groups that qualify for Apple iPod discounts in the market. Students for instance often qualify for a discount. One may also qualify for a discount if they have an Apple gift card.

You can go to to get discount auto insurance quotes. Use an online quote comparison tool like to compare quotes from multiple sources so you get the best deal for your vehicle.

There is a great discount for auto insurance that is offered to those in the military in Canada. The military discount for auto insurance is about 60% of what it usually is.

"One can find discount insurance in many places, depending on the type of insurance you are interested in. State Farm offers a discount insurance and so does Liberty Mutual."

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