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What can a child make to sell to earn money?

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What Children Can Make to Earn MoneyChildren could go to a local craft shop and stock up on beads (some pretty ones out there) and make bracelets, necklaces, earrings. It isn't hard to do because my Goddaughter does it. You could also go to your craft shop and go to where you can make your own greeting cards. Make about 4 of them and put them in a nice little flat box with a ribbon around them. You could just make earrings with a chain necklace with a drop on the end (craft stores sell so many beautiful stones that you could put on the end of the necklace.)

Other activities could include making paperweights from rocks by decorating them with fabric, ribbon, buttons, etc. and making beaded key chains.


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Can you make money with Pokemon?

You can earn money in a Pokemon Battle and you can't sell them,only release them.

How does Egypt earn money?

They sell stuff such as cotton, sugar, and textiles, and they also make money out of there Republic Government.

What can a child make to earn money for charity?

The child can get a paper route, mow lawns, shovel snow, do weeding, sell lemonade, do chores, and other things like that, maybe even participate in a bake sale.

Uses of video camera?

You can make videos with it. You can use it for surveillance. Or you can open a dealership and sell them to earn money.

How can you make 25 pound in 1 day?

Sell things. Get a job. Work hard and earn the money.

What happens when you sell a stock?

You earn money, i think.

Are the cheetah's body parts sold?

yes. These Indians hunt them and make coats so they sell and earn money.=(

How much do realtors earn in a year?

I am a realtor. I earn aabout $64,000 a year. It is my favorite job ever. It depends on how many houses you sell, if you sell every house you try to sell, you could earn millions, if you sell none you would make little money. My aunt is a realtor she makes about 88,000 dollars a year.

Can your hobby earn you money?

Yes and no. It can earn you money if you do something like collecting antique trains for example. If you get the right trains, you can sell them for a hefty sum. Hobbies can earn you a lot of money, but the question is when to buy and what to buy. you can sell the trains for example, on eBay or amazon.

How much money does a potter earn?

For as much as they sell their pots for.

How can you earn super easy money?

Buy cheap and sell high. Find something you love doing, then make a career out of it.

What do ranchers do on their ranches?

Raise Cattle, and Sell it to earn money. Other livestock is also produced from ranchers. With it they could sell it to earn money, or trade with other coutries,people, etc...

Do stockbrokers make money when they sell you stock or when they sell your stock?

Stockbrokers make money when they sell you shares and also make when they sell your shares.

What is the best p2p way 2 make money on runescape?

To earn fast money on Runescape, you need to mine essence in the Varrok mine and sell them in the exance.

What can a community theater do to make money besides sell tickets?

They earn money,besides selling tickets, from ads in tickets, fastoons,sponsors for the community theater.

What are some ways to earn money fast?

It depends on if you are a child or an adult. If you are a child, you can earn money by mowing lawns, doing chores, or when it is hot create your own lemonade stands. But, If you are an adult, you could maybe sell some things that you don`t want or need on ebay, or create a website and sell them on there legally. Or maybe just open your own small business or fundraiser. Hope I Helped!

How do you earn money fast in wizard 101?

Earn money fast on Wizard101 by selling the stuff that are dropped by monsters that you dont want. Remember to sell the seeds and the housing items that you get because they sell for good money. At lvl 25 you can earn up to 35,000 gold in an hour.

How does Greek sculptors earn money.?

They sell their art works that are compleated.

Why do most companies sell shares of stock?

they want to earn money

Why does a female seal hunt for food?

To sell it to Tesco's and earn money.

How do you sell stuff on Club Penguin?

You can't sell.. But, you can earn more money to buy a new one

You are ten years old your parents will not give you money and you live in a small town and you want to earn some money you are a female?

You can gather all the stuff you don't use and have a yard sell. or learn to make braclets and sell it.

Can stockholders make money only by collecting dividends?

Yes stock holders make money by getting dividends but that is not the only way they earn an income. They will get money when the stock price goes up too (If they decide to sell the stock).

How are insurance agents compensated?

Insurance agents are paid commissions on the policies they sell to customers. In other words, they earn money when they make a sale.

How can a 12 year old earn money if his parents doesnt want him doing work for people in the negiboorhood for parnental safety resons is there anything you can sell that you pay no money for?

I am stuck in exactly the same position. Maybe we could sell stuff that you make, or your baby toys. If you have a sister she might help you make stuff for you to sell.

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