• Rosa Parks

What can a person learn from Rosa park?

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Is Rosa Parks A Black Person?

Yes, Rosa Park is an African American.

What is Rosa park known?

she is known for not moving on the bus for a white person

Who encouraged Rosa Parks?

Rosa park was encourage by her husband Raymond park

What was Rosa park early years?

what was Rosa park early years like

How did Rosa Parks show courage?

Rosa Park showed courage by not giving up her sit for a white person plus fighting for her belief

How did Rosa parks take a stand why did she take a stand to?

rosa park took a stand bacause she refuse to move her seat for a white person

What did Rosa park change?

Rosa PArks change the way of life and helped the law. She was a person who stands up and carries on a very nobel women.

Where did Rosa park lived in her park?

634 Rosa L. Pparks Avenue in Montgomery,Alabama

When was Santa Rosa National Park created?

Santa Rosa National Park was created in 1972.

What is Rosa Park most favorite thing?

First lol

Why did Rosa park get home late at december11995?

because she got in jail for not giving the seat to a white person

What is Rosa Parks first name?

rosa lee park

Did Rosa park get marred?

no she did not

What is the area of Santa Rosa National Park?

The area of Santa Rosa National Park is 387 square kilometers.

How did Rosa Park help others?

Rosa Parks inspiring others.

Who was Rosa Park mairred to?

Rosa Parks married Raymond Parks

Did Rosa park move a lot?

did rosa parks moved alot

How many sibling did Rosa park have?

Rosa parks had 1 sibling

What year did Rosa park?

Rosa parked a long time ago.

What lessons can you learn from Rosa Parks?

y can learn from rosa parks that never to give up and believe in what you believe

What was Rosa Parks' favorite animal?

Rosa Park was a person who was very strong. Her favorite animal was a dog i think.

Why is Rosa park in civil right?

rosa park is in the civil rights because she didnt want to gave up her seat

Did the children in lily alone hide out in the park?

in rosa park

Was Rosa parks the person that refused to give up her bus seat?

Yes she was. I'm including a link to a Rosa Parks bio in case you'd like to learn more.

Why did Rosa park die?

you are sputd