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The satellite image shows topography, natural and manmade features without political borders.

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What does an infrared satellite image show?

radiation emitted by objects during the day and night

Why might a satellite image fail to show an erupting volcano at night?

too dark

Why might a satellite image fail to show an erupting volcano?

Because it doesn't show the colours right and it could be mistaken for something else

Why might a satellite image fail to show an erupting volcano at night and also in bad weather?

because its dark

Where is old faithful located can you show your a picture?

you cant put an image but anyways, its in yellowstone park

How can you enlarge the image of your house on Google Earth so you can see your parents there?

Sorry, but satellite images can't show that level of detail!

What is a weather satellite?

A weather satellite is used tell the weather and tempreacher of earthA weather satellite is a image receptor in space that can detect changes in weather and will then send those images down and will preject them onto a computer screen and then will show up on your magic box

Why do you think orange region is a desert?

A desert could show up as an orange region in a satellite image if the sand the desert is made of is primarily orange.

Can you show image of property at 7051 painter ave whittier ca 90602?

There is an image available in Google Maps, but the property is partially covered by a large tree. Put the address in google maps and view as a satellite picture.

Why cant you show me pictures of a mockingbird?

Because WikiAnswers is an answer site with no capability to display images in answers. Try Google image search.

Satellite pictures show holes in ozone layer?

Yes they show. Satellite is the medium by which its progress is kept in check.

How can you increase the size of your penis show with image?

There is no way aside from surgery and there is only a Little difference then as for images we cant put images on this format.

What do satellite images show?

Satellite images can show things like landforms and the outlines of countries. Also, those images can be used in GPS devices to show roads.

Create a webpage to show image mapping?

create a web page to showimage mapping

How can you tell a hurricane is spinning from a satellite image?

The spiral bands of a hurricane strongly indicate rotation. Also, stringing together multiple satellite images taken one after another can produce a sort of animation that shows how a storm moces and chances. These show obvious rotation in hurricanes.

What public image did Kennedy project?

John F. Kennedy's public image was that of a war hero, a happily married man and a devout Catholic. His political advisers wanted to show the general public that JFK can connect with the American people.

Which model of earths interior does this image show?

Without the image it is impossible to say

How do you build a working satellite dish?

There are some books that people can purchase to show them how to build a satellite dish. One of these books is called Scroungers Guide to Satellite TV.

Is it possible to see people by satellite?

Yes. Some photographic and surveillance satellites have cameras that can show individual people walking on the ground. Most satellite pictures are from overhead so you can't see their faces and identify them. Taking pictures at a lower angle that would show faces is difficult as that increases the length of the path of the light through the atmosphere, which is full of thermal distortions which reduce the quality of the image.

What does a physical and political map have in common?

Physical and political maps have more differences than commonalities. Physical maps show terrain features such as mountains. Political maps show state and national boundaries, cities, roads, etc. Physical maps do not show anything political maps show, but political maps often show certainterrain features such as rivers.

Describe how an MRI image is taken?

MRI can show clear images of muscles and other soft tissues that on X- Ray image can not show.

Has a mirror that collects light which is reflected to the eyepiece to show the image?

A reflecting telescope "Has a mirror that collects light which is reflected to the eyepiece to show the image".

Can you show a video of a Black hole?

at the moment there are not any videos of a black hole because the distance is to long for us to get a satellite to take a video of one. There and the pictures where they think there is one is to far to get a image of more than a few pixels.

What channel is Steve Harvey morning show on XM satellite radio?

Steve Harvey's Morning Show is not actually on XM satellite radio. Steve Harvey's Morning Show can be accessed through iHeart Radio from 6am to 10am EST.

Show Radiator relay image?