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Interest and down payment.

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Q: What can affect your monthly car payment?
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Average cost of a monthly car payment?

The average cost of a monthly car payment is $250. Of course the actual amounts will differ depending on the value of the car, and the amount of the down payment.

Where can I find a car payment calculator?

Here is a website with a car payment calculator : It will give you the monthly payment you'd need to pay in order to pay it. The calculator takes account of a few factors that could affect your payment.

What is the average monthly car payment?

the average car payment is about 200$ which this stayment is not made based on the car types.

Do you have to pay a monthly service for your car alarm too?

Some car alarms are automatically included in the car and do not require a monthly payment. However, there are some car alarms, such as the GPS car alarm, which can be installed for life or require a monthly payment.

Can I pay an extra monthly car payment to speed up the pay-off, like on my mortgage?

Yes, if you are paying of a car loan, there is no penalty for paying over your monthly payment. However if your monthly car payment is on a lease agreement you will have to refer to the terms of your lease as to what is allowed.

How do I calculate my monthly car payments for it?

This is a very good website to calculate the monthly car payments: or

What can you do if you are a month past due with your car monthly payment?

Pay it as soon as possible.

What happen when you pay off your monthly car insurance?

If you would like it to continue then you should make the next monthly payment.

What is recurring payment mean?

A recurring payment is a payment made over and over, such as a house payment, car payment or electric bill, etc. that come due monthly or bimonthly etc.

How much would a monthly car payment be on a 21000 car?

Need down, interest rate and term to calculate

The meaning of a car loan calculator when I am buying a new car.?

A car calculator puts in your monthly salary, your monthly bills, your credit score, and calculates what type of monthly payment you will have on your vehicle. Different vehicles may cost more or less.

What does the down payment on a used car pay for?

It is applied directly against the purchase price of the used car. The more you down payment, the less owed and the lower your monthly payments will be.

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