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Double indemnity can be added to an insurance policy to allow the insured to receive a higher benefit.


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Yes it is. Generally the insured needs to be over 50. The older they are the higher the value. I can help you get offers. 4LifeGuild

The only benefit to having Child Only Health Insurance is that the child is insured. According to studies, children with child only health insurance were more likely to have had routine dental and health examinations in the past 2 years over those without insurance. The rates for children that had insured parents were even higher, suggesting that children that have an insured parent are more likely to have access to all the healthcare that they need. The study also suggested that families with the child only health care, may not know how to use it properly therefore, they don't use it enough.

Yes, a widow receives the social security benefit that is the higher of the two, but she cannot receive both.

The most affordable insurance plan through Geico auto insurance would be that of liability insurance, however, State laws may require some higher from of insurance. Check individual state laws to ensure you are properly insured.

Most of the major insurance companies will insure a previously uninsured driver. Your premiums will probably be higher though at least for the first year until you get some insurance history under your belt.

Yes there is generally a higher since you are insured from Canada but driving in USA. Use a handy online cost compare site for auto-insurance.

Term insurance is written for a specific period of time or until an age certain (the term). It may be for 1 year, 5 years, 10 years or it may be until age 60, 65, 70, etc. At the end of the term the insurer may cancel the policy, raise the premium, reduce the benefit, or some combination of these. Some policies are guaranteed renewable by the insured but always at a higher premium or smaller benefit. Whole life insurance lasts your whole life. The monthly premiums are higher at the beginning but remain level (no increase) throughout the premium paying period. Because of the reserve which is built up inside the whole life policy the insured has more benefits such as cash value, policy loans, paid-up insurance, or extended term coverage.

An Umbrella olicy is financial protection that exends the covergage limits of underlying insurance policies of the named insured(s). If the insured suffers a loss that exceeds the limits of an underlying policy, the umbrella kicks in to offer coverage at the higher limit.

"Catastrophic insurance is a type of health insurance. With this type of insurance, the insured pays lower monthly premiums, but a higher deductible. For a person who doesn't need to see the doctor very often, but wants to be covered in case of an accident, this type of plan may be a good idea."

This has something to do with the following concept behind the insurance: (1) The Insurer (i.e. insurance company) and Insured (i.e. an individual) enter into a legal contract. The Insured pay a premium to the Insurer and in return the Insurer assures the Insured to compensate him against the losses or hazards mentioned in the contract. (2) The Insured has an insurable interest in the subject matter (i.e. some property or life of certain individual). This means that the Insured stands to gain if the subject matter is protected against the hazards and will stand to lose if any damage is caused to the subject matter. (3) Though the Insurer assures the Insured to compensate against certain type of losses, he do not assure to compensate 'all' the losses. In any case the Insured stand to lose 'something' in case of loss of damage to the subject matter. (For example, one can not get a property insured at a higher amount than its actual value and then stand to gain from insurance claim in case the property is damaged. This will be a breach of contract.) (4) Even after entering into insurance contract with Insurer, the Insured will take all reasonable and appropriate steps for the safety of the subject matter. For example, if a house is insured against theft, fire, etc, the Insured party can not delibrately or negligently expose the house to such hazards. (5) The Insurer approaches, prompts, lure (???) the Insured to enter into the insurance agreement. However, the Insured party is supposed to reveal all relevant information related to the subject matter in 'good faith'. For example, in case of life insurance the Insured is supposed to expressely reveal to the Insurer of any health complications, etc that he is aware of and that may have some impact on the insurance contract. (The insurance premium is decided keeping in view possible risk, so if some factors are concealed, it will impact the amount of premium.)

Life insurance companies offer special insurance that compensates third party beneficiaries upon the death of the insured, provided that premiums have been paid. When people shop for life insurance, they evaluate how much money their families need to maintain an acceptable standard of living after the insured party dies. These calculations can become complex, especially for higher income customers. A common complication for life insurance beneficiaries is that their payments are insufficient to cover their expenses. This occurs when insured parties do not properly evaluate their financial standing when buying a policy or when they fail to update their coverage over time.

A deductible is the amount that the insured has agreed to pay before the insurer is obliged to pay anything on a covered claim. It can be considered to be an amount for which the insured has agreed to "self-insure". In general, there is a correlation between deductibles and premium, in that a higher deductible will correlate with a lower premium.

depends on how many speeding tickets you have. your rates may go up and yes, you can lose your insurance. if that happens it is hard to get insured and you will have topay higher premiums until the ticket goes off your record.

The state of Florida requires drivers to be insured for $100,000 liability and $10,000 medical which will not fully protect the car. Insurance rates depend on the car and the age and record of the driver, and they are considerably higher for teenagers.

You're eligible (even required) to get auto insurance as soon as you get your license. SInce you are required by law to be insured to drive. What will matter in regards to the length you have your license will be be how much you pay for insurance as they will charge higher rates for newly licensed drivers.

People tend to pay less for insurance of all types if they are not likely to need it. For example, healthy people with good medical history pay less for health insurance, and experienced drivers with no accidents pay less for car insurance. Insurance companies will ask for higher payments if it is likely they will need to pay the insured person.

Most auto insurance companies will offer towing package; though you may have to pay a higher premium for that benefit. MetLife does provide a good towing package deal, though their insurance services are not the most flexible to begin with.

The advantage is the obvious excersize you will receive from the sport, which in the long run will benefit your overall health. The disadvantage is the higher risk for injury. Typically sports have a higher rate of bodily injuries.

Insurance rates may increase or decrease depending on the driver's track record. Reckless driving leads to higher premiums, just as safe drivers often receive discounts and lower premiums.

Having a high deductible will not cause your insurance premium to be higher.

The aggregate limit can be higher than the per occurrence limit of the policy, thus providing additional coverage should multiple claims be filed against the insured.

A variable life insurance policy is an insurance policy that allows the policyholders to invest their premiums in a variety of stocks and funds (options vary depending on the individual policy). This type of policy differs from a whole life insurance policy in that monthly premiums do not necessarily have to be paid (depending on the value of the investment accounts), and a month without a paid premium does not void the policy. Additionally, if the value of the investment accounts is higher than the benefit of the policy, the beneficiaries receive the greater value.

Insurance premiums are often higher with riskier behavior, but there are still ways to save on costs. Users can try bundling their insurance policies to receive a discount. Also, many insurance providers will provide discounts for those who take safety courses.

You get auto insurance for accident prone drivers the same way as normal drivers. You will need to provide relevant car details and your driving history information and then receive insurance policy quotes. Insurance premiums for accident prone drivers are generally much higher.

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