What can be an embarassing moments in a life?

This is embarrassing:
A guy walks into a bar because he sees a sign that says free drinks for life competition. He asks the man behind the counter about it, "Well," the man said. "No one has ever survived, but you have to drink this strong drink, help the alligator out back with his tooth ache, and help the woman up stairs who has never been pleasured." The man agreed, chugged the strong drink, and started the short walk outside. Everyone stood up and took off their hats and held them over their harts for their final respects. As the man walked outside, there was the most god awful sound you ever heard. It went on for a while, then suddenly...it stopped. Sad faces hung on the men of the bar, until... The man re-entered the bar, his clothes all torn and dirty. He then shouted, "So, wheres that woman with the tooth ache?"