What can be done about severely clogged ears that are filled with wax and are painful?

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  • First you must be sure it is wax in your ears and not an ear infection or allergies in your sinuses causing the pain and clogging. It can often be caused from the inside, such as severe sinus swelling, and can feel like wax, but is not. If it IS wax the solutions below should work. If it does not work, you can go see a Dr as a Dr can relieve pressure and pain in the inside of the ear.
  • Ear candles do not work, they are just a placebo effect. It has been proven that if you burn an ear wax candle while not holding it to your ear, you get the same gooey brown ear wax looking substance in it, so it is fake. (EAR CANDLES DO WORK, AND ARE A GREAT WAY TO REMOVE WAX FROM EARS)
  • If none of the above solutions work it could be due to allergies or sinusitus causing the eustachian tube to swell and stay closed and retain fluid. If the infection is old, and has already gone, the Dr may need to lance the ear drum to relieve the pressure of the fluid build up in the ear canal behind the ear drum. He will put a dab of deadening ointment on it to relieve pain, then lance it with a tiny scalpel, right in his office, and then yellow fluid (pus) will drain out for a few days and it will heal back up and your ear will feel great and you will hear again with no pressure issues.
  • If you 1. put 2 or 3 drops of olive oil or other liquid oil in each ear at bedtime to soften the wax and plug the ear with cotton IN THE OUTSIDE of the canal so the oil won't soil your bedding, and 2. in the morning pour some warm bubbly solution like soda or peroxide in one ear at at time allowing a minute for the bubbles to loosen the wax, then pour in warm water to rinse out and finally, a capful of rubbing alcohol to dry out the water and help to prevent infection, and hopefully the problem will be relieved. You may have to do it two or three times to clear it. After this, each time you shower, run warm water into your ears, use you finger to clean, and rinse when you are done showering, then use a Q-tip to dry gently ** but not deeply, and you can control the problem.
  • You can also try an ear syringe bulb (baby nasal aspirator) to suck out the wax once it is softened with oil or peroxide.
  • Most people say "Don't put anything in you ear smaller than your elbow." And it is true that Q-tips can push the ear wax into the canal and pack it in, like loading a cannon. But if you know your ear is not loaded with wax, you can use a Qtip to gently dry your ear and keep it clean if you do not stick it in very deep, maybe 1/4 an inch is ok.
  • If you have an ear canal plugged with wax, and the above solution does not work, see your Family Doctor or Pediatrician, they have intruments to remove the wax and/or irrigate the canal to remove it. This is the safest way to remove the problem and make sure you do not have an infection behind the wax that needs treating.
  • It is not uncommon to have "swimmer's ear" with this condition. The water builds up behind the ear wax and causes the infection which needs a prescription to be treated.
  • You may wish to try candle waxing. In NW MN the local salons (haircuts, colors, nails, massages and waxing) are doing this and I have heard many people comment on the positive experience. From what I understand the heat from the candle will melt the wax in your ears and then it is able to be removed.
  • I've never heard of 'candle waxing' so I don't know, but it sounds dangerous to me. Go to your family doctor and let him have a look. He can then clean them out for you easily and, more importantly, safely.
  • Ear candling, you should not try this alone, there are instructions included usually when you buy the ear candles. They can be bought at all most any heath food store or your neighborhood vitamin store. Usually not found at the supermarket unless its a local co-op. If the are followed properly it works great and its immediate relief!
  • Get your ears flushed out in a doctor`s office and then leave that wax alone, will you! No Q-tips. And leave those candles on the birthday cake. The vacuum that is created through heat may quite well extract the wax, however, if your ear drums have any kind of opening caused by previous infections or if you have ear tubes, do NOT experiment with your ear wax removal. Wax is a self-cleaning device by nature.
  • I've used ear candles, and I've been to the doctors. both are excellent ways of clearing out the ears. candling is not dangerous and it actually feels really good. the candle doesn't melt the earwax, it lifts debris out of your ear! it feels awesome. also a couple of times i went to my doc, and he used a higher pressure large metal blunt syringe to clean my ears out. that also feels good, and the process takes a lot less time, but it costs a bunch more.
  • Something else you can try is putting a drop of olive oil in each ear once a week (making sure that once you put it in, you tilt your head the other way so it can come in contact with the wax). This can help soften the wax, making it easier to come out. We can always do various procedures that have been mentioned above, or can prescribe earwax removal medications, but I usually recommend to my patients that they try the drop of olive oil trick first since it is the least expensive. Having a great deal of ear wax is not dangerous and usually will not result in any hearing loss unless the ear canal is completely occluded with wax, so there's nothing wrong with leaving things alone. As mentioned before, though, it's important to not use cotton swabs (such as q-tips), as this can make things worse.
  • One method which I have used effectively is hydrogen peroxide. Take one or two drops into each ear and let it for a few seconds. Try to massage it in at the same time so it moves around. You'll get rid of a lot of wax. You can do this often and hydrogen peroxide is pretty cheap, but DO NOT USE TOO MUCH AT ONCE. Otherwise, you may remove ALL the wax, include the wax that protects your ears from infection. Also, don't use alcohol. It works, but it is too strong.
  • To add to the answers on painful ear wax, the candles used in my salon are called Hopi candles, they are thin tubes of cloth and candle wax, which one end is inserted into the ear and the other end is lit, therefore creating a vacuum effect which slowly and safely draws the wax build up into the tube, thus clearing you re ears and making everything sound amazingly loud! definitely worth the effort though, i think that the treatment is around �20 and about 20 minutes long, although salons and prices of the treatment may vary.
  • If anyone is thinking about using ear candles, think again. They are a hoax. If you burn the candle without it being in your ear, cut it open, it is filled with ear wax-like stuff just like if you had put it in your ear and burned it. It really let me down. I thought it was the coolest thing but its not.
  • Having had a child with this problem- our pediatrician said to let her chew gum (sugarless, of course) every day. The chewing motion of the jaw massages the ear canal and moves excess ear wax out of the inner canal.
  • Ok here is what I did. I bought some medicine called Debrox. I followed instructions and got a ton of wax out. First it was little tiny pieces then with the last ear flush I got a corn size chunk out...it was disgusting yet it was kinda cool.
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Is it normal for your ears to be clogged after cleaning them?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nMy son has the same problem after cleaning. Ever since he was little he has had trouble with ear wax build up and I would have to put ear drops in his ears to loosen the wax. The problem I have found, is that he has so much build up, that the drops loosens it up and ( Full Answer )

How can you get rid of clogged ears?

Answer . If it's water, turn your head with the ear that is blocked facing the ground and jump up and down a couple of times. If it's pressure like in an elevator or plane, pinch your nose and blow.

What should I do about my clogged ears?

This is what I am trying:. It is by Dr. Jim Mitterando who is a family doctor at Cohasset Family Practice and a staff member at South Shore Hospital in Weymouth.. Q My ears have been popping for two weeks and occasionally hurt. I have an upcoming airplane trip. What can I do to get rid of this pr ( Full Answer )

Is it normal to still have ear pressure and clogging but no pain from a sinus infection after 19 days of antibioitics and allergy medication?

Answer . I think the problem that you are encountering is that you have a mucus blockage in your sinuses that is affecting your ears as well.. The reason why I think that you still have this symptom is because the antibiotics that you are taking are designed to fight the infection while the alle ( Full Answer )

Can clogged ears cause dizziness?

Yes, clogged ears can cause dizziness. When there is fluid trappedinside the ear, the increased pressure can cause dizziness andpossibly vertigo.

Does honeycomb wax clog arteries?

Answer . No it does not because it melts and is digested by the stomach. Honey is a small miracle in itself and it's the only food that will not go bad no matter how long you leave it out.

Why do you have wax in your ears?

Functions of Ear Wax . Cleaning . Cleaning of the ear canal occurs as a result of the "conveyor belt" process of epithelial migration, aided by jaw movement. Cells formed in the centre of the tympanic membrane migrate outwards from the umbo (at a rate equivalent to that of fingernail g ( Full Answer )

What to do when an ear has been clogged for days but there is no pain or fever?

It is most likely an excess of ear wax. You want to see an ear nose and throat doctor, they have great tools for extracting the excess wax. Hold your nose, and breath, and blow GENTLY. Then try putting a few drops of hydrogen peroxide in each ear. Of course, you should keep the amount of pressur ( Full Answer )

Why do your ears clog up?

The ears might be infected or there might be ear mites involved. The vet would know for sure.. Answer . Sometimes if your ears get warm this loosens any wax in your ears. Some people have more of a build up of wax than others so see your doctor and let them clean your ears properly.

What can be done about a clogged ear that's been clogged off and on for 2 months since a sinus cold and you still can't hear correctly out of it?

There is not much you can do about it. I recently had a cold that clogged my right ear and still clogged after a week. I went to see an ENT and the only thing he recommend ed me was the use of steroids otherwise it will go away by itself but it can take up to 3 months. the steroids only will clear u ( Full Answer )

What can be done about dizziness caused by clogged ear?

First off, I would suggest you consult the opinion of a medical professional, particularly if there is any swelling or pain associated with your condition.. Vertigo, or the sensation of dizziness, can often be caused by an imbalance of pressure in the inner ear or by the presence of fluid in the in ( Full Answer )

Why do you have ear wax?

you have earwax because natural oils from your ear do not just slide out of your ear they form together and protect the ear drum from getting hurt but it is okay to get it taken out.

What causes Severe pain in both ears?

I get crazy pain in both ears when my allergies are up andagitated. Make sure to see an ear, nose and throat doctor to checkit out.

What do you do about a clogged gasoline fill hose?

where is screen located in gas fill mine takes a long time to putany fuel in. There is no screen in the fill hose. The vent tube is probablypinched and is the source of your problem.

How can you clear clogged ears if they are clogged from water?

Probably the best thing to do is to be patient and let the water clear on its own. Another way is to lay down with the clogged ear on the pillow, or let your ear rest on your palm. Let it warm, and the water will drain out.

How can you Cure clogged ears?

if you mean when your ears hurt on a plane because of the pressure, there are a number of cures : . 1)chew some gum or a sweet to open up your ears. . good point : it works when the plane is landing and taking off. . bad point : it is the least effective cure. . 2)swallow a sip of water/yawn eve ( Full Answer )

What is too long to have a clogged ear?

If you have had no trama to the ear, you are not a swimmer, and are not feeling sick (fever, sore throat, congestion) you may have a build up of ear wax. You can try to run warm water, just slightly warmer than body temp. in your ear and let it sit for 4-5 mins. Then try to flush it out again. If tr ( Full Answer )

Why would your ears get clogged?

I dont know talking to much. your ears get clogged because as you go on a mountian, or somewhere up high, the air pressure gets so hard, it will clog your ears. the higher you are up, the more dense the air pressure gets because on the atmosphere.

Why do your ears produce ear wax?

Earwax performs important functions. . Your ear produces wax in order to help move out dust and other small particles so that your ear drum doesn't get damaged. It collects dirt and debris in your ear canal and moves it out of your ears where you can wash it off as you wash your face and external ( Full Answer )

What is in ear wax?

Ear Wax, or cerumen, is secreted in the ear to keep out small foreign objects such as dust and dirt (not unlike the snot in your nose). Most professionals will tell you that it is passes on its own and Qtips actually impact, or force it back where it blocks your ear canal.

Should you fly with a clogged ear?

It is usually not recommended because of the changes in air pressure in airplanes. It can be painful. It would be advisable to seek advice from your health care professional before doing this. If the doctor says it is okay to fly, then you may want to ask if it would be okay to try some of the ea ( Full Answer )

Your ear is clogged but not wax what can you do it hurts?

Take decongestants to clear the fluid up, take it a few days after the discomfort eases to get all the fluid out of your ears and sinus cavities. I take claritin(generic) and singulair to keep my body from producing more fluid. Once in awhile I'll have to take decongestants for a few days, but for t ( Full Answer )

Why was severe ear pain in an adult followed by complete numbness of the ear and all with no signs of ear drainage?

There is no way to diagnose this set of symptoms without examination by a competent medical practitioner. The reason is that there are dozens of different things that can cause severe pain followed by numbness.. The lack of drainage will generally eliminate a few possible conditions, but the list ( Full Answer )

Why is it important to have ear wax in your ears?

The wax is produced by the ceruminous glands, they are found in the ear canal and secrete the waxy substance called cerumen. Earwax performs important functions. . Your ear produces wax in order to help move out dust and other small particles. It collects dirt and debris in your ear canal and ( Full Answer )

How can you keep your ears from getting clogged?

Yes, you can keep your ears from being clogged. If you mean from getting popped when having a cold, then no; Besides the treatment of medicine. But if you mean from getting clogged from water then yes. 1.Earplugs 2.Yawning sometimes prevents it from happenning when on a airplane 3.Chewing Gum also ( Full Answer )

Why do ears have ear wax?

Earwax performs important functions. . Your ear produces wax in order to help move out dust and other small particles. It collects dirt and debris in your ear canal and moves it out of your ears where you can wash it off as you wash your face and external ears. Cerumen also helps prevent foreign ( Full Answer )

How do you cure clog ears?

This is not the only answer... fish oil or any anti-inflamatory. agent can help. Some times blockage is cause by swelling. in the passages.

Why are ear-waxes present in the ear?

Earwax performs important functions. . Your ear produces wax in order to help move out dust and other small particles. It collects dirt and debris in your ear canal and moves it out of your ears where you can wash it off as you wash your face and external ears. Cerumen also helps prevent foreign ( Full Answer )

Why do you get sometimes painful or drippy wax buildup in your ears?

It is the second part of having 'ear ache' ; drippy wax, and it will only last an average of 4 days. it usually occurs because you have been sniffing too much, you have had flu or a bad cold or too much water has entered your inner ear while in the bath or shower. Ways too prevent uncomfort: Use ( Full Answer )

Is ear wax good for your ear?

Yes. Earwax performs important functions. . Your ear produces wax in order to help move out dust and other small particles. It collects dirt and debris in your ear canal and moves it out of your ears where you can wash it off as you wash your face and external ears. Cerumen also helps prevent for ( Full Answer )

Is waxing painful?

Yes! What do u think this is, of course it's painful! If you want gorgeous legs then you're going to have to suffer the pain!

Why is there ear wax in your ear?

To clean out your ear and prevent bacteria/viruses from taking over this opening in your body. Earwax acts as a barrier and a first line defense system for your body's immune system.

Why do you have wax in ears?

it protect your ears from the boogie man it protects them from dust that flys in

How do you uncloge a clogged ear?

One way is to use sterile olive oil in an eardroper to loosen it of then in time it will clear. another way is to gently rinse the wax out of the ear with a jet of warm water. there are devises available to aid you in doing this if you enquire with your pharmacist.

What does ear wax do to the ear?

it traps the dirt and other particles that may enter inside our ears.. to prevent infections :] .. :)) teddy bear :)) II-Eternal Love! :)

How do you fix a clogged ear that has no wax build up?

My son and I have both experienced a clogged ear when there appeared to be no wax build up. While there was no exterior wax causing the clog, after consulting with our doctor we discovered that there was in fact a wax build up far down in the canal that was not visible and too far in the canal to re ( Full Answer )

Why do you get wax in your ear?

because it is cool. We get ear wax because it helps us clean our ears, and stops all the dirt to come inside out ear tubes. it builds up from all the sticky, tiny glands that was formed in your body, and comes out at a yellowish-golden colour. Glad i helped, love! x

How do doctor get wax that's clogged in your ears?

Most commonly, they will fill your ear canal with a prescription liquid that basically amounts to strong hydrogen peroxide, and leave it there for several minutes (it does not hurt, but it sounds like a fireworks display in your ear). Then they will flush the ear canal with warm water, bringing the ( Full Answer )

Do you ears get clogged when the fan is one?

No air can only cause for colds or sickness, but it cant clog up your ear because it is highly un likely for your ear to get clogged, but it can't get clogged by air

Why is your ear still clogged?

If you just went swimming or something and it is a few days after you went swimming then it is a lot of water in your ears so that is why your ears are still clogged.

What is in your sinuses that causes your ears to get clogged?

It is usually NOT a volume of mucus that causes the air flow to beblocked. The typical cause is swelling of the lining of the nasalcavities. If mucus from the middle ear is trapped in the Eustachiantube, it can also harbor an infection.

What can be done about Ear Pressure Pain?

Depends on the exact cause! In case of infection I use Hydrogen Peroxide( Food Grade ), as drying agent. It's available from any Chemist along with an eye-dropper for application. A couple of drops in each ear will identify an ear infection by a fizzing action. Applications both morning ( Full Answer )