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Small claims court if it is under the max dollar amount in your state.

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Can a landlord decide to collect a security deposit five months after lease was signed?

They can change conditions upon renewal. Not sure if they can do this if it is not on the lease. Read your lease: it may be that they failed to collect it at the time.

Can you collect unemployment in Ohio for a failed drug test?

I hope

Why did merchants have problems with the crop lien system?

Their businesses failed if they could not collect debts.

How do you get your earnest money back after failed real estate deal?

You need to review your contract to determine how and if you can get your deposit back.

What punishment did the taino people who failed to collect their assignment quota of gold have to suffer?

he will suffer them like they were before

Can you collect unemployment if you failed your DOT physical and lose your job?

Of course. Its not your fault you have high blood pressue.

What punishment did some Taino people who failed to collect their assigned quota of gold have to suffer?

I believe that the Taino people were either executed or mutilated if they failed to meet the quota of the gold.

If you put a deposit on an apartment but don't sign a contract with the landlord how can you get your deposit back?

Did the application have any wording on it to the effect that you would forfeit your deposit if you failed to apply for a lease? Many such applications DO have such wording in order to compensate the landlord for taking it off the market awaiting your lease application. Other than that, you'd be in better shape if you received a receipt for the deposit money.

What is a failed asylum seeker?

Someone unsuccessful in seeking sanctuary.

What does we don't get to pick them mean?

it means you were supposed to get something or someone and you failed to do it.

Someone who failed a lot before they come successful?

Thomas Edison

Can your landlord keep your deposit?

There are circumstances where a landlord is allowed to keep your security deposit.If you failed to repay any past rent.If you damaged the property (less normal wear and tare)If you breached your lease by moving without giving proper notice

Is it wrong to leave someone after they failed attempt suicide twice?

yes. in their state of being. think about it. they're depressed. they need someone by their side clearly. after a failed attempt and then another. they're not going to just be OK after that.

Shouldn't you been notified from a collection agency that they would charge off an telephone bill if you co-signed for it for someone else?

It would depend on the agency's established collection procedures. Usually the cosigner is notified after all attempts to collect from the original debtor have failed. The CA will then attempt to collect the debt from the cosigner before deciding whether to inititate legal action.

What is the most times someone has failed their UK drivers test?

56 times

If you hurt yourself at work and failed a urine drug test for are you able to collect workmens comp?

Your claim may very well be affected.

What punishment did the taino people those who failed to collect their assigned quota of gold have suffered?

They had their hands cut off and then left to bleed to death!

What does washed out of mean?

If you wash a stain out of your clothing, it's gone, right? If someone "washed out" of something, they're gone. They've failed to meet whatever standards that thing had. An example is if someone washes out of college, which means they failed horribly.

What would happen if the lymphatic system failed?

Your body would be unable to collect and neutralize the toxins you naturally create i.e. you would die. Sorry.

Who did the Articles of Confederation failed to give the new government power to?

collect taxes, establish a military, form courts, or make the states obey the laws

Why did the articles of confedetation fail?

The Articles of Confederation failed because the government had no way to collect taxes to keep itself running under it's legislature.

What if your landlord doesn't return security deposit within 30 days?

If the landlord has failed to comply with the security deposit law and has exhausted the time he's allotted to return the deposit, then you will need to proceed into your local small claims court and file a lawsuit.Before you file that lawsuit, check to see if your city/state allows for double/triple damages for failure to return the security deposit. If after the time has ran out for the landlord to return the deposit, he has forfeited any claims against it. If your state allows for double damages and your deposit was $875, that's $1750 that you would sue for plus court costs.

How many failed flights before first invention of airplane?

There were many failures throughout the years. A failure can include someone trying to build one and failed to get it to work.

What did the congress do and not do under the articles of confederation?

Articles failed because Congress could not regulate trade, There was not National Judiciary and Congress could not raise and collect taxes.

What are weakness of the early banking system?

many people could not deposit money out of their own savings because many banks failed, and many people could not support themselves.