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Make sure you seal all outside openings: Caulk or glue all cracks and seams, and place screens across vent openings. If wood components are found to be bored through (Bumble Bees will chew a hole right through)treat holes with creosote and apply a sealant over it to prevent bleeding into the paint then oeverpait to match original color.

2006-06-23 18:51:12
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How do you prevent bed bugs in your home?

you can get a special spray and spray where the bed bugs are coming out of

If I spray new insulation over my old in my attic will mothball smell go away?


How can you prevent wasps from building a nest?

Wasp Spray

Why is non spray perfume considered better than spray?

Spray could very well go into your eyes by accident so they have no-spray better to prevent spraying in eyes

You have bumble bees in attic how do you get rid of them. They are coming through small hole between house and soffits..Second year?

The best way to get rid of bumble bees in attic is to first find the nest. Once the nest is found, wait until evening and spray as close to the nest as possible with insecticide containing bendiocarb, chlorpyrifos or boric acid.

How do you kill wasps in an attic?

Plug all exit/entry points with fiberglas insulation, spray foam or simialr, then let them starve to death. After a few weeks, you can clean out the attic with a vacuum cleaner hose.

What could you do to prevent the metal coroding?

What could you do to prevent the metal coroding paint it with a thick paint or spray

How do you prevent caterpillars from eating my plants?

You can use a bug killer spray. Use the right spray to not kill the plant though.

How do you prevent your cat from climbing an inside potted tree?

Spray the tree with a citrus spray. Cat't cant stand the smell.

How can you prevent malaria?

you can prevent having malaria by putting bug spray on your body and wear clothes that cover your arms and legs. You can prevent by: 1)Use of mosquito repellents. 2)Spray of oil on water in ponds, ditches to check breeding of mosquitoes.

What do you put on your car door gaskets to prevent ice?

Silicone spray.

What to use to prevent gnat bites?

"off" brand mosquito spray.

How do you clean house to prevent cat allergies after cats were in the house.?

Vacuuming and spraying with a antiallergy spray with prevent cat allergies.

Why skunk rise tail before spaying?

because the spray is coming out of its butt so if it didnt lift its tail it couldn't spray you

How do you prevent corrossion on paint work?

You first spray an anti-corrosion paint

How do you get rid of stink bugs in your attic?

You can use either a bug spray for stink bugs, or a bug bomb. Bug spray is easier to find, you can find it at a local garden store, but a bug bomb you'll probably find online.

What are the release dates for Ask This Old House - 2002 Preventing Ice Dams Applying Closed-Cell Spray Foam Insulation in an Attic 10-13?

Ask This Old House - 2002 Preventing Ice Dams Applying Closed-Cell Spray Foam Insulation in an Attic 10-13 was released on: USA: 31 December 2011

Why surgeons often spray some ether on skin before performing minor surgery?

they are putting a antibactrial spray to prevent jerms spreding though you

How does pam cooking spray work?

Pam cooking spray sprays a fine mist of oil on the surface of a pan to prevent the burning or scorching of foods.

Will garlic prevent bed bug bites?

the best thing to prevent bug bites and stings is to use dryer sheets and bug spray.

Does the thermocouple prevent gas from spraying in the burner?

Yes, when the pilot light is not lit. No spray.

What do lynx do?

lynx is a fragrant deodorant that you spray under your armpits to prevent smell(stink!)

How do you prevent snow from building up in wheel wells of cars?

try cooking spray...

What is the carrier and agent of malaria?

the mosquito of course. put on bug spray to prevent them attacking you!

What types of attic insulation are there?

The most popular type is fiberglass, which can be blown or in batches. However, blown cellulose has become a norm in modern homes for a number of reasons. It is more dense, has a higher R-Value per inch, is eco-friendly, and it is usually treated with anti microbial agents and borax to prevent mold and deter insects. There is also spray foam and foam board that are more frequently used to insulate finished attics.