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What can be improved from the first nose job?

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Sometimes there is a lot a surgeon can improve and sometimes there is very little you can do to change your appearance after the first or second surgery. Since most issues can be addressed, be sure you are very open about areas you want to be improved. Make sure you know how your new nose will appear, as having realistic expectations lowers the chance for additional surgeries. Here are a few complaints and how they could be changed: * The nose still sticks out or down too far. Cartilage from the tip can be removed to shorten the nose. However, if too much cartilage was removed during the first surgery, improvements during a second surgery may be minimal. * A hump is still present. The surgeon will take the hump down more. * Too much of the hump was removed. The height of the nasal bridge will be built up. * Upper half of the nose is too wide: Narrow the nasal bones a bit more. * Lower half of the nose is too wide: Narrow the tip cartilage. Remember, some areas cannot be fixed, for instance, a nose that sits slightly off-center or has thick cartilage at the tip (prevents a completely narrow nose). Sometimes the risk of surgery isn

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When did Michael Jackson have a nose job?

Michael had his first nose job in 1979 after falling and breaking his nose when he was rehearsing.

When was the first nose job?

The first nose surgery was performed as early as 500 B.C

When did Michael Jackson get his first nose job?


Was a monkey the first thing to have a nose job?

a monkey or a rat probably was the first animal to have a nose job because scientists do tests on animals before the put it on humans

Has Kim Kardashian had plastic surgery?

No she has not. improved- I'm pretty sure she's had a boob and nose job. I know she got botox and gets cellulite removal treatments for sure, but i am not 100% positive about the surgery. NO she has not, all she has was botox, no nose job or anything like that!

Did Cheryl Cole have a nose job?

No she has not had a nose job done.

Did Natalie Portman have a nose job?

No, she has never had a nose job.

Did Zendaya Coleman have a nose job?

no zendaya then have a nose job

Katie price nose job?

yes she had a nose job in L.A.

Does Zayn Malik have a nose job?

No, he hasn't gotten a nose job

Does a nose job weaken the nose?


Zac Efron had a nose Job?

he might have got a nose job. but his nose doesn't look bad

How much does a nose job usually cost?

The average cost of a nose job is approximately $4,545. Another term for nose job is rhinoplasty.

Did Zac Efron have a nose job?

Yes, Zac Efron has had a nose job.

Did ladygaga get a nose job?

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Did Justin Bieber have a nose job?

No. Justin Bieber never had a nose job

If your you get sperm on your nose and give a girl a nose job but first you put red food coloring in it so now its Rodolph Job can you get her pregnant bc you dyed it?

if you seriously did that you are TOTALLY sick!!!!

Can you change your nose?

No not unless you get a nose job

When did Katie price have a nose job?

People say she had a nose job in December 2008.

When did Taylor Lautner get a nose job?

It is only rumored that Taylor Lautner has had a nose job.

Did Michael have his nose job before Janet Jackson?

If it is true then yes but i dont really think they had a nose job but if it is rue michael was first i think it is true i donk real know yet

Had Karen gillan had a nose job?

She may have had a nose job, but had almost certainly had lip enhancement

How do you get improved wages?

get a better job

How old was Michael Jackson when he got his first nose job?

He was 20 years old. because he broke his nose practicing a spin and fell on his face

Why did Michael Jackson get a second nose job?

Because of breathing problems caused by the first one.