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What can be the words to praise someone?

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One word that might be helpful is "laud" although many times this has a liturgical connotation associated with it.

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What is a sentence using the words Be all praise to someone?

My upbringing prevents me from saying 'Be all praise...' to anyone but God.

Which of the words is different traduce defame libel praise?


Four letter verb for praise?

Praise is a verb that means to express approval for something or someone. It means to express admiration of someone or something. A four letter word for praise is laud.

What is the definition of praise?

Definition of praise: to express warm approval or admiration of or toward someone or something.

Some good words to praise someone that stsrt with letter a?

Awesome Awesomest A Cool Person A Nice Person An Awesome Person

What are good praise words that start with the letter K?

"Keep it up!" are good praise words. The phrase starts with the letter k.

What to call someone who requires praise?

Praiseworthy or Worthy of Worship, if you mean a deity to whom praise is due.

What is the word for someone who craves praise?

One word for someone who craves praise is narcissistic. This person can also be described as an approval-seeker and is sometimes seen as vain.

Why would a prayer of praise be used?

a prayer of praise is used to give gratitude to someone that has accomplished something in the past

Words of praise starting with N?


Can praise and strength be the same word in Hebrew?

No. There are dozens of words for praise, and also dozens for strength, but they do no overlap.

What does praise mean?

To praise someone is to give that person credit or honor for what the person is or for what the person has done, in front of others.Say in a business meeting, you praise a co-worker for the good job they did on a project, in front of all the other employees.You praise someone in front of others, it is just thanks to give someone credit or honor in front of them alone with no one else around.

What is a eulogy?

a formal expression of praise for someone who has died recently

What are words of praise starting with e?

encomium or eulogy

When someone says praise the Lord in church what should be your response?

Hallelujah is the highest praise to the Lord! Therefore, the response should be, Hallelujah.

Example of an ode?

An ode is a poem of appreciation or praise for something or someone

What is a hinkety pinkety for attacking someone with false praise?

flattery battery

Which of these terms is defined as the use of praise to mock someone or something?


What term is defined as the use of praise to mock someone or something?


What does the biblical word halleluiah mean?

Hallelujah is a Hebrew word meaning "praise ye JAH (Jehovah)." In modern parlance, both words mean "praise the Lord" or "praise Jehovah."

Is singing important to God?

yes. as long as they are words of praise.

What are some praise words that begin with the letter O?


What are some words of praise that start with the letter E?


How many words are there in Power in Praise by Merlin Carothers?

Are you asking how many words are in this book? There are three words in the title.

What is the abstract noun form of praise?

The noun 'praise' is an abstract noun, a word for an expression of approval or admiration for someone or something; a word for a concept.The abstract noun form of the verb to praise is the gerund, praising.