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NaOH can be used in this situation.

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Q: What can be used as a buffer for pH 12-13?
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Why is water a good pH buffer?

Water is not a good pH buffer.

What happens to the buffer a pH capacity?

The buffer maintain the pH constant.

Function of binding buffer?

When alkali or acid is added to a pH solution, a binding buffer will help prevent the pH from changing. There is also the elution buffer which is used to clean out any proteins which are leftover.

What are the uses of a buffer?

Buffers are used to maintain pH of the solution

Is HCl a pH buffer?

No, it is not a buffer.

Why a buffer is used and the effects of a buffer on a solution?

A buffer is used to resist the change in pH when acid or alkali is added to a solution. This makes it a stable environment, eg. for enzymes. The buffer stops the pH of the solution changing too drastically.

Will buffer pH help with odder in discharge?

will buffer ph help with odd in discharge

How to prepare phosphate buffer pH 5.8?

preparation of 5.8 ph phosphate buffer

Why extraction buffer is added for isolation of DNA?

Extraction Buffer is used to maintain pH of the solution.which prevents denaturation of DNA.

What happens to the buffer solution pH 7 when acid is added?

When acid is added to a buffer solution at pH 7, the pH of the buffer solution will decrease. However, due to the presence of a conjugate base in the buffer solution, the buffer will resist the change in pH and try to maintain its original pH value. This is because the conjugate base will react with the acid and prevent a significant decrease in pH.

Why does the pH of an acetate buffer increases after dilution with water?

The pH of water is approximatly 7 (a neutral pH), and the acetate buffer has an acidic pH (less than 7) so when you add distilled water to the buffer the pH will increase.

What is the pH range for carbonate bicarbonate buffer?

The pH range for carbonate-bicarbonate buffer is 9,2.