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Light pink discharge is common if you are pregnant.

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Q: What can cause a brownish-pink discharge about 14 days after your period?
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Can you have brownish discharge two days before your period and not be pregnant?

Yes. Brownish discharge two days before one's period does not definitively confirm pregnancy.

What does it mean if your discharge is brown?

Your period is a few days away.

Do you suppose to have whitish vaginal discharge 5 days before your period?

You are supposed to have discharge every day.

Period is four days late then you have a dark coloured discharge for two days followed by a really light flow period dark in colour just a late period or something else no stress or anything to cause?

You might be pregnant - take a test

Can brown discharge lasting 3 days be your first period?


Is discharge normal after your period?

Yes as long as the discharge does not smell bad or worse than your period and should only last a couple of days. If longer than two days go to the doctor.

What would cause your period to stop and start up again three times in six days and be a brown bloody discharge?

You should see your OBGYN.

2 days late have had pink discharge both days on the third light red discharge with small blood clots could you be pregnant or is this your period?

i only have the red discharge when i wiped its not constant

When do you know your period coming?

Because you will get discharge and when you get for a couple f days then your period should come anytime.

What does it mean when you discharge fourteen days after your period?

that means your ovulating ( releasing a egg)

How long after discharge do you get your period?

It should be 28 days, but it could be more or less

What does it mean if your period stopped just after 3 days and it was like discharge for the last few days?


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