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Answer I will firs verify is the climate control is working (the dash board) controls, and then work my way up to more complicated issues. There are to important by pass that could be clogged also, if water has been used instead of coolant.
well for one it could be the heater blower motor or it could be the control under the dash that changes it from hot air to cold air if the spring spring breaks it will not get hot.
Hope that helps Try changing the thermostat. If it is stuck open or failed, engine temp will not rise. I had same problem on 95 explorer, changed thermostat myself and solved problem. Answer
It could be the water pump but most likely the antifreeze is low and needs to be filled up to be able to circulate through the heater core.
need more info. you could be low on coolant.for all we know. there are alot of different parts to a cooling system which bring heat to the cabin area. start simple. ck fluid level make sure it is full when cold. 2. when running does it circulate through the hoses. 3. are your heater hoses hot. both. 4. does your fan blow in all possitions & does air come out from your vents?

A heating system works by diverting hot coolant through a heating grille where it warms up air which the fans blow in whichever direction and whatever speed you specify.
Basically there are two parts to the heater system, there is the heater tap, located in the engine compartment. It controls how much (if any) hot coolant goes through the heating system in your car. Probable causes are a leak in one of the hoses, the heating grille itself (you will smell coolant in the car) of the radiator is not sufficiently topped up with enough coolant to circulate through the system. If not turn your heater on to full, turn your car on for a short while, turn it off and top up the coolant. Also bleed the air out of the system if necessary.
The second part is self explanatory, the fans blow the hot air around the car if the problem is not with the first part above, it would be best to have it taken to an auto electrician.
first thing you need to check is your fuses .It is actually the heater motor, sam thing happened to my 2000 Alero
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Q: What can cause a car heater to not work?
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Would the fuse in the heater relay cause the heater to leak into the car?


Why cant get the heater to work in the car?

You could have a problem with your thermostat in the car.

Can running the heater on high in the car cause the thermostat to stick?


Will a leaking heater core cause your car to overheat?

A leaking heater core will cause the engine to overheat because the coolant is leaking out.

Can a thermostat cause your car's heater to blow warm air?


What does cause flooding inside a car floor?

the heater core is leaking

Will your heater on your car work if there is no antifreeze in the radiator?

Not very well.

Why does your heater only work when car is moving 00 Toyota Celica?

the heater of your car does not only work when the car is in motion. it only works when the engine is started. you don't have a heater in your car like you do your home. the heat that you feel when you turn on your heater in your car is produced by the engine. and there for if your car is not on then you will not receive any heat. some cars take longer than others to "heat up".

Can a leaking heater core cause your ac not to work in 03 durango?

You may smell coolant when the ac is running but a leak in the heater core won't cause the ac not to work.

What do you do if your car heater does not work at all?

have you checked the fuses? if so, maybe the heater core needs replacing

What can cause a heater to stop blowing heat?

well you could just turn the heater off heater blower ---- If it is a car heater then check your coolant level. the heater is driven off a heat converter that is fed by the radiator system. When the coolant fails to pump round the radiator system the car internal heater doesn't work. Driving without coolant in the system will result in the engine overheating and seizing.

What is the cause of car heater failure?

engine thermostat, fan motor,or fuse.

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