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What can cause a pink discharge at 22 weeks pregnant?

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What can cause a brownish-pink discharge about 14 days after your period?

Light pink discharge is common if you are pregnant.

Is a pinkish mucus discharge still considered implantation bleeding?

pink blood in discharge is but doesn't always mean your pregnant cause i got it then got my period 2 weeks later

You got pink discharge with mucus on your due of period are you pregnant?

I Had my preiod 3 weeks ago could I be pregnant

I'm eight weeks pregnant with period pains and pink discharge?

Vigorous sex can cause some light bleeding. An ultrasound at the doctor will make sure baby is fine.

Is it normal to experience light pink non-heavy discharge at 6 weeks pregnant?

Yes this is normal.

I Am 35 Weeks And Got Light Pink And Yellow Discharge Does It Mean Am In labor?

I Am 35 Weeks And Got Light Pink And Yellow Discharge, Does It Mean Am In Labour?

Can rough sex cause pink discharge?


Is it normal to be 4 weeks pregnant but have pink bloody discharge?

No. You should contact your doctor right away or better yet take a trip to the emergency room.

You are 4 weeks pregnant and have a pink discharge is this normal?

Generally no if you have a pink discharge it would be advisable to seek medical attention, as you might have ruputured your membranes. If you are unable to see a doctor right away laydown and tryn not to do anything strenous with your legs elevated until you can see your doctor.

Is it likely that you are pregnant if your three weeks late and you have a light brown discharge for two days then light pink on and off and have had a negative test?

You may have a STD. Go to the doctor

Pink discharge no period itching no burning?

could be early sign of pregnancy.. Implantation will cause a pink or brown discharge without a period.

Pink and brown discharge before your late period started could you be pregnant?


What causes pink discharge two weeks after your period?

If it is literally pink, I might call your OB/GYN However...2 weeks after your period is when you ovulate and this normally causes a change in the consistency of your discharge. Personally, I've never had discharge that I would have described as pink, but it sounds like ovulation might be related to what's going on with you.

Can you please tell us what a very light pink mucas discharge at eight weeks pregnant means?

Any bleeding during pregnancy needs to be discussed with your OB/GYN.

You are 4 weeks pregnant and just when you wipe you have a slight light pink discharge is this common?

This is not unusual at this stage of pregnancy. Don't be concerned unless it becomes heavy and/or is accompanied by cramping.

Could you be pregnant if after your period you started to experience brownish pink discharge?

A brownish pinkish discharge is not a normal indication of pregnancy.

Did anyone have got pink discharge after 45 days of your last menstural period?

I am two days shy of 90 days past my LMS. I am also 12w,5d Pregnant. I had brown discharge once on Sunday and Pink discharge once so far Today. Are you pregnant?

Is it normal to have pink discharge after sex when 37 weeks pregnant?

yes but if it gets heavy you may be getting ready for labor having sex this late in the game can make you go into labor

You just had your period but now you are seeing pink discharge Could you be pregnant?

it is probably just your normal discharge and blood mixed together :)

You had your period last month but you are now 3 weeks late and for the past 2 wks when you whip after using the restroom its pink but no period yet can you be pregnant?

I would recommend you perform a pregnancy test. It's possible you could be pregnant and the pink discharge on the tissue is implantation bleeding but it is also possible that you have a Urinary tract infection (UTI). In the case of a UTI, see your Doctor for some antibiotics, especially as you have been experiencing the discharge for 2 weeks.

What does a pink discharge mean two weeks after your period?

You're a-bleeding from yer verginny, dearie.

8 weeks pregnant and light pink discharge and cramping?

i have the same problem i am going for a scan tomorrow so will let you no the outcome. I'm praying my baby willb e ok x

Pregnant and had small pink tissue discharge?

You're probably going into labor. That is the first sign.

Is it normal to have light pink discharge after sex while being pregnant in your first trimester?


Is your poop brown if you are pregnant?

no its pink im serious cause im pregnant