What can cause painful urination?

Bladder infection for one !!
if it hurts to go pee, you really should go to a doctor to get it checked out it could be a major thing or it could be that it is dirty down there but still GO TO A DOCTOR BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY BECAUSE IT COULD BE A STD. GO TO A DOCTOR.
Yes. Disuria (burning when you urinate) is a classic symptom of gonorrhea. You and your partner(s) need to seek treatment immediately. Do not have sex again until both you and your partner have been treated. Treatment will cure gonorrhea but will not confer any immunity. Unlike chicken pox, you can get gonorrhea as many times as you come into contact with it so it is extremely important that all partners be treated before resuming sexual relations. Can you get this even if you wore a condom? I was only unpotected with oral sex. Can I have been affected that way?