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What can cause white sores on the vulva?

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white like sore are not common from rough sex. noone can diagnose you until you seek medical treatment. may have an infection or STD!!

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Can low white blood cells cause sores in the mouth?

Low white blood cells do not cause sores in the mouth. However it makes them much easier to get.

Does minocycline cause white mouth sores?

I am currently on Minocyclin 100mg for my facial acne. Have had no mouth sores, but have had White Tongue for a while. Still looking if there is a connection...

If you have one sore on your vulva is it herpes?

No, not all sores are herpes. You could have scratched your vulva and may not know of it. But to be sure, go to your local doctor for a double check.

Which STDs can cause lip sores?

herpes can cause cold sores. :)

Can pickles cause cold sores?

Pickles don't cause cold sores.

Do bananas cause cold sores?

Bananas don't cause cold sores.

Can almonds cause cold sores?

Almonds don't cause cold sores.

Can fruit cause cold sores?

Fruit doesn't cause cold sores.

Does Ambien cause canker sores?

Ambien doesn't cause canker sores.

What STD can cause sores in the mouth?

Syphilis and herpes can cause sores in your mouth. Other STDs can infect the mouth, but don't typically cause sores.

Can you get canker sores on your vagina?

While canker sores (aka aphthlous ulcers) are most common in the mouth, you can get them on the vulva and vagina. But if you have blisters on your vagina, you might have herpes. Get checked.

Can a sinus infection cause cold sores?

No, it cannot cause cold sores. But it can cause ulcers in your throat.

Can herpes cause consecutive cold sores?

Herpes can cause consecutive cold sores.

What color is the Vulva?

It is the color of your stomach. The vulva is the correct name for pussy. If a woman's skin is white, it will be white, and if the woman is black, it will be black.

Does unhealthy teeth cause you to have cold sores?

Unhealthy teeth doesn't cause you to have cold sores.

Does a asthma inhaler cause cold sores?

An asthma inhaler doesn't cause cold sores.

Does eating chili cause cold sores?

Eating chili doesn't cause cold sores.

Are black vulva better than white vulva?

Women are the same regardless of color of their skin.

Does stress cause cold sores?

Yes stress DOES cause cold sores. I hope this answers your question.

Does chickenpox virus cause cold sores?

Chickenpox virus doesn't cause cold sores. Although the viruses that cause chickenpox and cold sores are similar, herpes simplex virus causes cold sores, and varicella zoster virus causes chickenpox.

Can herpes cause sores all over body?

Yes herpes can cause sores all over body.

Is syphllis the only cause of chancre sores?

Syphilis is the only cause of chancres. Canker sores are not caused by syphilis.

Rough sex lead to a vaginal tear in the fold between the labia vulva white spots developed around the sore and vagina became swollen scab like sores developed on the labia spread to buttcrack?


Can being allergic to nuts cause canker sores?

I get canker sores from nuts. No other reaction but the pesky sores.

Do cold sores cause canker sores if you lick your lips?

No the chances of canker sores are very less, canker sores once there are contagious though.