Deforestation and Habitat Loss

What can fix deforestation?

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Reforesation is being done to plant new trees and make up for deforestation.

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How can you fix deforestation?

by reforestatin or growing plants, recyle

How can you help fix deforestation?

stop using stuff that can kill the tree's from the rainforest's!

What is the conclusion for deforestation?

Conclusion de deforestationconclusion on deforestation

Why is deforestation carried out?


What do you mean by deforestation?

What do you mean by deforestation

What is the Deforestation statistics for Venezuela?

it is deforestation

Is there deforestation in Hawaii?

of coarse there is deforestation.

How do you explain and define deforestation?

What is deforestation?

Why is deforestation important?

Deforestation is bad for the environment

Is there deforestation in Samoa?

Yes, there is deforestation in Samoa.

How does deforestation impact a habitat?

the animals dont have homes after deforestation. are you seriosly asking that if you know what deforestation is?

What is deforestation and deforestation?

Deforestation is when trees are being cut down by Logging industries.

Where is deforestation taking place?

Deforestation is almost everywhere in fact, there is more deforestation then current forests unharmed.

Is the deforestation in Africa bad?

deforestation is bad go to google and hit images and type deforestation in Africa

How can humans reduce deforestation?

what human can do to reduce deforestation

Where is deforestation found?

in the forest, hence the name deforestation

What effect does deforestation have on humans?

what effects does deforestation on humans

What is wrong with deforestation?

it is wrong because erosion, deforestation

How can will describe deforestation with the habitat and the specises?

describe deforestation

How does deforestation affect the toucan?

Deforestation destroys their habitat.

Who was against deforestation?

Sundarlal Bahuguna was against deforestation.

Reasons of deforestation?

give me the reasons extensure deforestation activities

Meaning for deforestation?

# meaning for deforestation and causes and effect and view == ==

Is deforestation a global issue?

yes deforestation is a global issue

Where did deforestation start?

in 8765 when Arther Grant started deforestation

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