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It could fry the battery or the electrical system on the vehicles

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Q: What can happen if jumper cables put on wrong?
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What if you put jumper cables on wrong and after car is dead and doesn't even make a sound when turning the key?

You can still fry some of the electronics just by putting the cables on wrong.

Will a car with a dead battery start if jumper cables are on incorrectly?

if you put jumper cables on the wrong way you WILL kill the battery then if you leave them on you will cause the battery to overheat and swell then will u least expect it, it will blow up.. it will be a miniature hydrogen bomb

How do you jump start a Pontiac Montana?

Jump starting a Pontiac include jumper cables and another vehicle with a battery. A person will need to put jumper cables on each car battery to jump start it.

Where do you put jumper cables on a Chevy suburban battery?

The proper way to use jumper cables to boost a low/dead battery: (1) one end of positive jumper cable to "dead" battery; (2) opposite end of positive jumper cable to "good" battery; (3) one end of negative jumper cable to "good" battery; (4) opposite end of negative jumper cable to GROUND on "dead" vehicle. Remove jumper cables in reverse order.

Where to you put your jumper cables to jump start Lincoln LS 2002?

On the battery posts in the trunk.

What happens if you put jumper cables on backwards?

There is the possibility the battery could blowup. You can damage the complete electrical system.

Does watermelon conduct electricity?

all you do is put jumper cables to the water melon and your car and it will explode! ( the water melon)

What are three sentences for the word jumper?

She wore a white blouse under a blue jumper.The free base jumper was caught in a downdraft. I carry battery jumper cables in the trunk of my car.

How do you put rangerover sport in neutral when battery is flat?

Jumper cables from another vehicle or charge the battery. As soon as you connect the charger you can put it in neutral.

The battery was dead when I put jumper cables on it tried to start the keys were not in the ignetion?

Find the keys, then jump it off and try to start the vehicle.

What to do if you try to put jumper cables on battery and sparks come out?

that's normal Make sure you are connecting pos to pos, neg to neg.

Tools that start with j?

Jackhammer Jigsaw Jumper cables Jack (car jack) Jig (something you put a board in to cut an angle)

Tell me something you put in an emergency road kit?

flaresflashlightfirst aid kitblanketcar jackjumper cableswater

Jumper cables were hooked up wrong to my Chevy Malibu a 1980 I put a charger on the battery in the car and now it won't start. did i mess something up?

Probably. The alternator and voltage regulator may be fried, and the battery ruined. Take the battery to a battery shop and have them test it.

How do you change the jumper setting?

Put the jumper clip on different pins

How can you get into trunk on a 2000 jaguar s type when you've locked the keys in the trunk?

there's a bare wire at the fuse box, you can put jumper cables on there, to get the trunk open. David

Can any damage be done to the cars system when replacing a car battery?

no as long as you don't put the cables on wrong

How do you hook jumper cables up to a car?

you put the red jumper on the posotive side and the black one on the negative battery side. Connect positive of one battery to the positive of the other. Then connect the negative of one to the negative of the other. Red to red, black to black.

Where do you put jumper cables on an Audi A8?

A8s in the 1997 to 2003 vintage all have batteries in the trunk. Open trunk, remove flat, carpeted cover plate from the right, rear corner of the trunk. Hook jumper cables to the exposed battery terminals. Use a flash light to ensure you identify the + & - terminals properly. The wiring colors are tricky in this case. USE THE FLASHLIGHT.

What do you do if your car battery dies?

You can get a new battery, you can jump start the car with jumper cables and another car with a charged battery. You can also put a battery charger on your battery to give it a charge.

What will happen if you put HDMI and composite cables into your PS3?

The PS3 has only one A/V connection cable outlet

What will happen if you put the wrong heads on the wrong sides on a Chevy 350?

some heads are vis versa

What would make jumper cables spark and smoke?

They will definitely spark only if they are connected incorrectly meaning one car you put black on black red on red and the other car you put red on black and black on red a BIG NO NO

What will happen to your pt cruiser if you put the wrong antifreeze in?

It will overheat and cause damage

Will jump starting another car harm my car?

It can. Some new cars warn against jump starting another car. Others have special locations to put the jumper cables. I have seen people blow out fuses doing it wrong. Call a tow truck for the jump. They are trained, and if they cause a problem, you have some recourse.