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At the worst both drives will get selected at the same time and trash each other's data.

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Then neither of the drives will not work.

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Apple pie

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Q: What can happen if the jumpers on a drive is not configured properly?
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What can happen if the jumpers on both hard drives in a two-drive PATA configuration are not configured properly?

At the worst both drives will get selected at the same time and trash each other's data.

How you can make slave or master hard drive?

There are jumpers on the drive itself that can be configured to set it up as a master or a slave. Refer to your hard drive's documentation for the pins to use for these configurations.

What is the difference between master IDE and slave IDE?

Each IDE slot can handle two drives. One drive will be the master and the other will be the slave depending o the configuration. If the jumpers of one drive is configured to set the drive as MA (Master), the second must be configured to SL (Slave). Both drives may be configured as CS (Cable Select), if so, The positioning on the ribbon cable will determine whic one is the master and which is the slave

Can a SATA optical drive be used Instead of an IDE optical drive?

Yes. But your computer needs to be properly configured for a SATA optical drive. Also, a SATA drive is better than a IDE drive.

Your windows xp does not recognize your maxtor hard drive?

Make certain that the jumpers are set properly, that the cables are connected properly (Data and Power) and that the BIOS can identify the drive. Understand that many of the OLDER motherboards have a BIOS that cannot properly deal with larger disks.

List three things to check if BIOS setup does not recognize a newly installed hard drive?

1) Has BIOS setup been correctly configured for autodetection. 2) Are the jumpers on the drive set correctly. 3) Have the power cord and data cable been properly connected. make sure each is solidly connected at both ends. 4) Check the website of the drive manufacturer for suggestions. Look for diagnostic software that can be downloaded from the website and used to check the drive.

What could be the problem if a computer can't recognize a second hard drive after it's verified that the cables are properly connected and the jumper settings are correct?

BIOS not configured to detect a second hard drive

Why nec DVD burner only works in pio mode?

You may not have the driver for your motherboard chipset properly installed. You may also have the drive configured improperly in your BIOS.

What happen when i transferring my file from desktop to USB drive it shown Location is not available?

The USB drive is not mounted properly.

How do you install a maxtor quantum fireball plus as 20.5-gb hard drive as a second drive on a PC but the description of jumpers doesn't tell you how to set the jumpers so the drive is the slave drive?

You do the proper research and stop trying to get people to do your homework for you.

How do you boot Linux?

You can use a live CD/DVD or a bootable flash drive or hard disk that has it installed. Once properly installed and configured, it will boot via the bootloader (GRUB in BIOS/CPM or EFI).

How can you use harddisk jumpers?

Hard disk jumpers are short conductors that you can use to bypass circuits in a hard drive, or break into the hard drive. They are most commonly used to configure the motherboard when you are not able to boot up the computer.