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Q: What can happen if you had paranormal things happened to you when you were little?
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Are the things that happened in Paranormal Activity happen in real life?

No. The movie is a complete work of fiction. It did not actually happen.

What happen in 1957?

Many things happened in that year. Be a little more specific. One of the things that happen that year was the beginning of the space war and sputnik 1

Can paranormal things actually happen to people or are they just making it all up?

The best statement is that there's no reliable evidence for "paranormal" phenomena. Some are deliberate frauds, some are people who come up with a "paranormal" explanation for things that are in fact coincidences or explainable by normal means.

When did Things on Wheels happen?

Things on Wheels happened in 2010.

When did Halls of the Things happen?

Halls of the Things happened in 1983.

Did Alex Hirsch the creator of Gravity Falls experienced anything paranormal or supernatural in his childhood?

Alex Hirsch the creator of Gravity Falls grew up in a place where many paranormal things happened

Who is Diane from Paranormal Activity?

In the movie Paranormal Activity, the character of Diane Mercer is played by Ashley Palmer. Diane was the woman that Micah found on the internet, who had the same things happen to her as a child that Katie did.

What important things happened in Spain in 1496?

everything happen that happened in spain in the year of 1496

How real is Paranormal Activity?

Paranormal activty such as ghosts in books and things may be true, but if you are talking about the film of Paranormal Activity, it is completely fictional.

What paranormal activity can you do?

I can see things others can't and hear things

Things that happened 50 years ago?

i'm not sure but something did happen

Childhood memories from Tchaikovsky?

He means that he remember the little things happened there.