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The phone calls will start and eventually your phone will ring off and on from 8am until 5pm. It will feel like you are being harrassed and there is nothing you can do (short of having your phone disconnected). They will take you to collections, garnish your paychecks, your credit will be ruined and you will have a hard time financing anything for the next 10 years after a settlement. Advice: pay your credit cards or go to a credit councelor to help you figure it all out. They can take you to court, attach your wages, take back some of the stuff you bought or maybe, if you're lucky, they'll only report you to the credit bureaus. Certainly nothing incorrect with the previous answers. What happens is you inevitably pay much more than you could have, in money and time and effort -- and especially trouble....and likely, the businesses involved will make more!

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Q: What can happen if you just quit paying on your credit cards?
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How do credit cards build credit?

Credit cards aid to build credit history in the same manner that any debt, whether it is from purchasing a car or by just paying rent. Be responsible with credit cards. You should not overspend.

You just finished paying off your credit card should you close the account?

Closing the account will remove the temptation to spend up the cards again but, closing the account can actually lower your credit score. You ought to take that question and your private credit information to a credit counselor for a better answer. By the way, CONGRATULATIONS on paying off the cards!

Do you have to pay taxes on credit cards?

I'm just not sure what you mean. You don't buy credit cards. You buy things using them. The things you buy using them may or may not be taxable...the method of paying for them makes no difference.

Is it better if I pay of my credit card balaces with money I have on side or if I just keep paying payments that I can each month?

The answer to that question depends on how much interest you are paying and how much interest you are earning. Almost all of the time it is better to pay off your credit cards. But if you need to borrow for something else then you need to compare interest rates before you pay offthe credit cards. But ALMOST ALL of the time paying off a credit card and not paying interest is in your best interest.

Can you pay credit card bill with a debit card?

Yes you can. Paying with debit cards are just like paying with cash because the amount of your purchase is directly deducted from your bank account.

Difference between visa cards and credit cards?

Nothing, Visa is just a brand name for credit cards. Just like MasterCard, Discover, etc.

Can I use prepaid credit cards just like traditional credit cards?

Prepaid credit cards work exactly like the traditional unsecured credit cards. Make sure that you know what your credit limit is. Your credit limit will be what you send into them. You can use them just like a credit or debit card to get hotel rooms, gas, or whatever else you may need.

Does Montgomery Credit offer credit cards?

"According to the research I have just recently conducted regarding this question, I have discovered that Montgomery Credit does indeed offer credit cards."

What are the positives of having a credit card?

Used properly, which means paying off the entire balance IN FULL every month, credit cards can actually help your personal credit rating and credit worthy score. Just keep a couple cards - in fact, if you have too many, that will actually do more harm than good on credit ratings. Also, don't max out the cards - EVER!! Doing that illustrates your lack of ability to control spending, which may put you at risk. Never charge more than you are capable of paying in full when the statement comes due. I do this with the two cards I have, and after a couple years doing that, my credit rating jumped up considerably.

Why You Should Pay off Credit Card Debt Fast?

You can save hundreds and even thousands of dollars by paying just a few extra dollars each month on your credit cards. If you have a five thousand dollar credit card that is maxed out, just paying twenty or thirty dollars extra each month will have you paying it off around three years earlier. This depends on your interest rate, but it gives you an example of the money you will save. You will also raise your credit rating by having a lower balance as you pay off your credit card faster.

What is an example of credit card?

You just need to find a good website such as the related link below, accepting international credit cards as well as domestic credit cards.

When consolidating credit cards is it better to wait until they have zero balances then the credit report will say Closed For Consolidation NOT just Closed By Individual?

Remember if you closed these credit cards, your credit score will take a big hit! Its best to just keep the balance open but don't use the cards anymore.

What happens if you leave England for good without paying your credit cards and personal loans?

not a lot (dont just move to wales though) they will track you down if you come back though!

Why would a business not accept credit cards?

Until the U.S. govt. changes that, nobody HAS to accept credit/debit cards! Just because a business does not accept cards does NOT mean they are "shady" or ...

Paying Off Your Credit Card Bill?

Many people wonder, How can I ever pay my credit card bill? Perhaps they have amassed thousands of dollars in credit card debt and just feel overwhelmed by such debt. This is completely understandable, and there are many legitimate reasons a person may amass incredible amounts of credit card debt. A person may not intend to amass so much debt, but he or she may be a student in grad school and simply need to use credit cards to get by on a daily basis. Paying a credit card bill does not have to be overwhelming. Rather, a person can take a very methodical approach to eliminating credit card debt. First, a person should seek to pay off credit cards with the lowest balances on them possible. Getting rid of these credit cards will make a person's burden feel a lot lighter. A person should then get rid of the balances on cards that have high interest rates. Getting rid of balances on cards with high interest rates is critical for those people that may be paying large amounts of money in interest fees.

What companies provides interest free credit cards?

Most companies provides interest free credit cards. However, that service is not permanent, and is only provided temporarily, mostly for new customers that have just signed up for credit cards with their company. However, Visa or MasterCard provide credit cards with really low interests, and have a rewards program which you can participate in by making purchases with their credit cards.

When should you close credit accounts?

Credit Cards and Your Credit Scoretrust me when i say, don't close your credit card accounts as soon as you pay them in full. definitely cut the cards in half and store in a safe place. do not contact the creditor to inform them that you are paying the account in full and closing it. by closing your accounts soon after paying them off, you end up "decreasing" your credit score with the three main Credit Bureaus (Equifax, TransUnion, Experian). i know this all too well because i just had this happen to me. in my opinion, it's not fair, but it's the way it is. i was informed by my local Credit Bureau (for future reference) not to cancel/close credit card accounts when I've paid them in full and no longer want to use them. i was told to let the accounts remain active/open until the credit card company contacts me to cancel them due to non-usage (this can occur within one or more years from the date of your final payment). by doing this, your credit scores will not be affected and that's a good thing to have happen these days.

How does the GE Creditline compare to other credit cards?

GE Creditline is just like most other credit cards. The interest can be 29% depending on your credit history. There are several fees if you do not repay the line of credit on time.

Do reader writers change the balance on credit cards?

Credit cards don't have a "balance on them." The reader essentially just reads the credit card number, then communicates with the credit card company's computers to find out if the purchase can be approved or not.

What are two benefits of credit cards?

1. Hospital or Medical emergency if you do not have Insurance... 2. Can't think of anything else, credit cards are just a liability.......

What banks offer credit cards for college students?

Wells Fargo offers the best low-interest credit cards. They are great for those just starting out.

What different types of credit cards does Capital 1 offer?

Capital One offers many different types of credit cards to appeal to a wide range of customers. Their Venture cards feature frequent flyer mile rewards, their Cash Rewards line offers just that, and their Classic cards include Platinum for people with excellent credit, student cards, and secured credit cards as well.

Where can one adverse credit loans?

One of the first places to adverse credit loans would be by credit cards. Those are unsecured debts and will provide an adverse credit history if you avoid paying bills.

What are some good credit cards for people who have no credit?

There are various companies that have special credit cards to help you build your credit. Most companies offer secured credit cards, that would be your best bet to build your credit rating.

How can one apply for egg credit cards in the UK?

The egg credit cards are now part of the Yorkshire Building Society bank group. Applications for these credit cards can be processed through their website or in your local branch, just speak to a bank employee about it.