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i dont know but i need to know!

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Q: What can help save the axolotl from becoming extinct?
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Why is it important to save axolotl from becoming extinct?

Because otherwise you can't catch them all. Source: Pokemon.

How can people help save the giant panda bear from becoming extinct?

keep them in a cage

How can you save gorillas from becoming extinct?

Leave them alone!

What steps can you take to save fennec foxes?

The fennec fox is in no danger of becoming extinct.

How can you help save the giant pandas from becoming extinct?

dont shoot and eat them, or make a zoo for them, or give a charity that helps them money

How can humans help animal and plant life?

When they are becoming extinct we can save them and raise them til their population goes up. And we can kill less animals and eat and burn less plants.

Why would you help the endangered animals?

To save them from going extinct.

How do you prevent walruses from extinction?

The best way for the average person to help prevent the walrus from becoming extinct is to spread the word. Creating a blog to tell of their plight, or otherwise educating the public can help to save the lives of these endangered animals.

What can you do to save the ivory billed woodpecker from becoming extinct?

You could donate money to organizations that are working to help save it. You could also try to attract one to your house. If you successfully attract give it a safe place to live and protect it from other birds.

Why is being done to help save the saber-toothed cat?

Sorry. They are alredy extinct .

What can kids do to save the Narwhal?

Kids can give money to the Save The Narwhal project that money will help keep the Marshal from coming extinct.

What can be done to help Abbott's Booby from going extinct?

Make sanctuaries and put them in captivity to help breed them; and save their species