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Your question is somewhat difficult to interpret, but presumably you are referring to visible light and the word "clearly" is key. Many media are transparent to the electromagnetic radiation we call light. Light passes through a vacuum freely, without obstruction or change. A wide range of gasses and solids transmit light (permit light to pass through) in varying degrees. Clear glass is highly transparent. Gold hammered to a thickness of a few atoms is translucent. These denser media cause temporary or permanent change to light waves passing through them. Glass causes the light to slow down slightly so that a wave front striking a flat clear glass surface obliquely is bent. Upon exiting a parallel surface into its original, less dense medium, it resumes its original speed and direction. White light is made up of a continuous spectrum of wavelengths and corresponding frequencies that we see as a rainbow of colors. White light passing into a thin sheet of gold is diffused (scattered), and while all wavelengths are absorbed to some degree, only a small amount of green light actually emerges. Light is affected by any medium other than vacuum by slowing, absorption in all or some wavelengths, and diffusion. All media denser than vacuum slow and absorb, but diffusion is a function of the clarity of the material.

An earlier answer said light passes through darkness. Somewhat poetic, perhaps, but not quite accurate. Darkness is definable as the absence of light, but if you consider light in a broader definition encompassing the entire electromagnetic spectrum, from low frequency long radio waves to very high frequency short waves like X-rays and gamma rays, you would be hard pressed to find a truly dark place anywhere in the Universe, if only you have the means to see.

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Q: What can light pass through clearly?
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Related questions

What is an object that allows light to pass through but not clearly?

an object which allows light to pass through easily is described as ? ........................................................................................................................ translucent

What is translucent substances?

substances through which light can pass partially but we cannot see through them clearly.

What do they call when something is able to see light pass through it clearly?


What material that allows some light to pass through but not enough to see objects clearly through it?

A translucent material.

What is the difference between transparent and opaque substance?

transparent allow light to pass through and can see clearly through them and opaque has none of this ability

What is a translucent liquid?

It is a liquid that allows light to pass through it, but images on the other side would not be clearly defined.

Why might someone describe sunglasses a translucent even though objects on the other side a clearly visible?

Translucent describes an object that allows light to pass through it. Sunglasses do allow light to pass through them, they just filter out some of the harmful and harsh light.

What is it called when a material allows light to pass through it?

There are two different words that might apply here. A material is "transparent" if you can see through it. A material is "translucent" if light passes through it, but you can't see an image clearly through it.

What happens when light hits a translucent object?

Translucent materials will allow light to pass through them, but usually it also scatters the light a little so that you can't see through it clearly like a transparent piece of glass.

Can all light pass through glass?

All light passes through glass that is transparent. But, if the glass is translucent (such as some bathroom windows or shower doors for privacy), only some light passes through, causing you to not see the object clearly.

Does light pass through milk?

no light does not pass through milk

Allowing light to pass through?

allows light to pass through

What object does not allow light to pass through it?

Opaque objects do not allow light to pass through them.

Is a book an translucent object?

A book isn't translucent, it's opaque.A transparent object allows most of the light to pass through it allowing us to see through clearly through it.A translucent object allows some of the light to pass through it allowing us to see through it to a limited extent.An opaque object allows no light to pass through it and does not allow us to see through it at all.

Does light pass through quartz?

yes, light will pass through quartz


Travels in straight linesCan be reflectedAll/Most light can pass through transparent objectsSome light can pass through translucent objectsNo light can pass through opaque objects

What is difference between transparent and translucent?

Transparency is defined as a quality an object has that allows light to pass through it and any objects on the opposite side can clearly be seen through through the transparent object. Translucent objects still allow light to pass through them, but the objects on the opposite side are not clearly visible. It could be likened to two pieces of glass. One is from a window and the other is frosted. The one piece from the window is transparent, and the frosted piece is translucent

What is the material that light can pass clearly?

transparent material.

Does light pass through aluminium foil?

no this a opaque material opaque is a material where light cannot pass through so it cannot pass through

What type of material always lets light pass through it?

Transparent materials will always allow light to pass through, translucent materials will allow light to pass through as well but the light rays will be scattered. Opaque materials will not allow any light to pass through.

Would skin be transparent translucent or opaque?

Obviously it is clearly translucent. Try shining a torch through your fingernail and you will notice you can see the light pass through your nail.

What word is used for materials that light can pass through?

Transparent materials allow light to freely pass through them. Translucent materials also allow light to pass through them, but change the colour of the light.

What can sunlight pass through clearly?

the answer is transpsrent paper

What are the examples of translucent objects?

"Translucent" means kind of see-through. Technically, it means that light can pass through it diffusely - i.e. light gets through, but you can't see any shapes through it clearly. Examples are frosted glass, thick cellophane etc.

What material does not allow light to pass through it?

Opaque materials do not allow light to pass through them.