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Transparent materials will always allow light to pass through, translucent materials will allow light to pass through as well but the light rays will be scattered. Opaque materials will not allow any light to pass through.

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Q: What type of material always lets light pass through it?
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What is the difference between transparent translucent and opaque?

a transparent object is one that lets light pass through with no shadows formed eg. clear window , transparent glassa translucent object lets only some light go through (not all)and forms a shadow that is very light eg. bathroom windowan opaque object lets no light pass through and forms a shadow eg. table, chair,etc

What lets some of the light through an object so objects on the other side are seen blurry?

That is essentially the definition of a "translucent" material. Some translucent materials include: wax paper, glass bricks, some forms of fiberglass, and some forms of plastic.a translucent material

Is a frosted glass translucent?

A translucent object is something that you can see through, but not completely. When light hits a translucent object, the light is scattered, meaning only some of the light passed through. An opaque object (like metal or wood) allows no light to pass through, and a transparent object (like glass or air) allows all or most light to pass.

What m is a type for material that lets heat flow through it easily?

Examples of good heat conductors:1- Glass2- Aluminum3- Copper4- Silver5- Diamond6-plastic wraps

What is opaque transparent and translucent?

opaque-not transparent or translucent; impenetrable to light; not allowing light to pass through. transparent-having the property of transmitting rays of light through its substance so that bodies situated beyond or behind can be distinctly seen. translucent materials-Translucent materials offer a signifi cant color measurement challenge since they interact with light in far less controlled manner than most other materials. The color of a material is calculated from measurements of its relative spectral refl ectance or transmittance. When light is incident on an opaque non-metal or metal surface, the fi rst surface interaction determines the corresponding perception of gloss and color. Similarly, for transparent materials, light refl ected at the fi rst surface is responsible for the perception of gloss, while light transmitted straight through the material gives the color. Translucent materials have both opaque and transparent characteristics. Some incident light refl ects off the fi rst surface as gloss, while some enters the material and undergoes multiple scattering and light trapping within the material, resulting in a diffuse pattern of refl ectance. In a second interaction, light is scattered and transmitted through the sample, emerging on the other side in a diffuse pattern. As a result, color can be seen in both diffuse refl ectance and transmittance, depending on how the sample is viewed. opaque example-books,stone,shoes,wood,stem of a plant transparent example-diamond , Pure Water , Screen , Air , translucent materials -waterbottles, eyeglass lenses

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What material lets light through and you can see through?

Glass. Any transparent material, which is any material that lets light through, can also been seen through.

A material that lets some light through is said to be?


A material that only lets some light through?

There are many materials that light can not travel through which are called opaque objects.

Is translucent a material that lets some light pass through?

Yes, that is correct

What material that blocks some kinds of light and lets objects through?


What material lets light through but you can't see through?

curtains white curtains that have been knitted

What word describes material that lets no light through but gives a blurry view?

If it lets NO light through it can not even give a blurry view, so your question makes no sense and cannot be answered.

A material that reflects some light and lets the rest pass through would make it what?


What word describes material that lets some light through but gives a blurry view?

AnswerI believe you're thinking about '''translucent.'''See the Related Link "Wikitionary:translucent" to the right for more information.or if your talking about a word that describes material that lets all light through it is transparent

What happens to white light if it goes through a colored transparent material?

since white ligth actually contains all colors of light, the transparent material only lets its color of light through. ie: blue filter allows blue light in

What are some ways in which materials affect how light is transmitted?

How much light a material absorbs or lets through depends mainly on what kind of material it is. Usually pure substances will not absorb light but rather lets light through or reflects light. Exceptions include carbon, uranium and others. The exact theory goes into detail in how electrons absorb that energy and move to a higher orbital but generally, a material will let light through if the electrons require excessive energy to jump to a higher orbital.

What m material is a type of material that lets heat through it easily?