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Circumcision is a surgery during which part of the skin of the penis, called the foreskin, is cut off of the penis. This will make a penis circumcised.

In the case of some individuals, the onset of puberty might make one become naturally circumcised where hormonal changes trigger the growth of the head of the penis at a faster rate than the foreskin. The foreskin shortens and the head would be partially or fully exposed in the process.

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How do you make an uncircumcised penis not hurt during sex?

Your penis should not hurt during sex regardless of whether you are circumcised or uncircumcised. You should see your doctor to have the problem properly diagnosed and treated. If your penis hurts during sex because your foreskin is tight, you might want to see the link below for information on how to stretch your foreskin.

If you get circumsized dose it make your penis bigger?

No. However sexologist Dr Robert Chartham anecdotally observed that some uncircumcised males appear to have underdeveloped glans while no circumcised males do. Perhaps the foreskin restricts growth of that part of the penis for some.

Does being uncircumcised make your penis small?

No it just makes your circumfrince bigger.

How looks a retracted foreskin?

When one pulls back the foreskin on the intact penis it wil make it look like a circumcised penis minus the scaring or the discoloration that occurs to the glans of the circumcised penis.

What is the difference between circumcised and uncircumsized?

An intact (uncircumcised) penis has a foreskin that covers and protects the glans. The Prepuce (foreskin) has immunological and lubricating functions as wel as being a carried for an enormous number of the nerves that make sex a pleasurable experience. A circumcised penis has had the foreskin removed The result of this is that an enormous amount of nervous tissue has been cut away and the glans of the penis are constantly exposed to friction with underwear or other clothing which in turn leads to them loosing some sensitivity

Circumcision of your baby Yes or no?

THE ANSWER IS NO,I am an uncircumcised man, trough all my life i have seen a lot of people with circumcised penis, and they don't agree with that.Penises with circumcision lose almost all the sense in that spot.the foreskin is there for a reason just like the Clitoral hood, is there to protect the penis glans.To circumcise a penis is like to cut the clitoris in women, because you are removing all the sense in that part.Is better not to circumcise your baby, you will make his sexual life a nightmare let the penis intact, it wont make any troublelot of women say that the uncircumcised penis are sexy, not like the "cuted ones" or "incomplete ones".

Is circumcised penis's bigger than uncircumcised?

That has nothing to do with size. Penises come in all sizes and the foreskin does not make them any bigger or smaller.

What is the proper way to use a condom if a man is uncircumcised?

The same way you use it if he is circumcised. Only in America and the Middle East are the majority of men circumcised, the rest of the world is left as nature intended. I'm from the UK I'm circumcised and from what i been told for men that are uncircumcised they should make sure they pull the foreskin forward so head is covered before putting it on this is suppose to help avoid the condom splitting.

Can you make your penis bigger if you are circumcised?

No, nothing has been discovered that will make your penis bigger then nature intended it to be. There are all kinds of pills and machines on the market, but none of them work.

How do you make your penis look longer?

You can trim pubic hair or loose weight(if you're overweight that is) or you can just pull back the skin(if you're not fully circumcised or circumcised at all)

Does red bull make your penis smaller?

No it does not change the size of your penis

Your penis is 2 inches long when not hard and you are not circumcised should you get circumcised?

There is no reason why a person should get circumcised. The foreskin is a natural and helpful part of the penis as it is endowed with over 20.00 nerves especially designed to make sex more pleasurable. it also protects the glans penis and stops it from drying out and hardening as a result of constant friction on clothing. there are many more reasons for keeping your penis intact which probably explains why over 80% of the men of the world are intact and not circumcised. there are no extra risks involved from infectious diseases for a person with a natural foreskin. just a better sexlife. It's up to you but if your sexually active you'll have a higher chance of diseases and other transmitted diseases then you would if your circumcised. Trust me being circumcised has it's advantages.

Does watermelon make your penis smaller?

No. Foods don't change penis size

Can lotion make your penis bigger?

Lotion will not change the size of your penis permanently.

What can guys do to make their penis not smell bad when they take their pants off?

Take care over personal hygiene. Wash you penis and scrotum at least once a day and if you are uncircumcised pay particular attention to the part under your foreskin (pull it back and wash thoroughly). Also make sure that you change your underwear daily and use an antiperspirant and or deodorant (but do NOT spray it directly onto your penis or scrotum as it will sting really badly.

Do uncircumcised person make girl pregnant?

It doesnt matter if you are circumsized or un-circumsize, as longest you have a penis and all the plumbing works up to date you can get a girl pregnant.

Does sunkist make your penis smaller?

No food or drink has been proven to change the size of the penis.

Why does your uncircumcised baby leak urine when changing diaper?

Babies need diaper changes because they have not learned how to control when they urinate. Instead of urinating a few times a day, babies tend to urinate more frequently in small amounts. Also for boys a few drops of urine may collect in the tip of the foreskin. These few drops of urine leak out as you wipe the penis during a diaper change. Always make sure to keep baby's uncircumcised penis extra clean.

What is better for sex feellings circumcised or non circumcised?

Non circumcised Or intact as it is referred to When the penis has the foreskin removed along with it go more then 20.000 erogenous nerves that can never again play a part in the pleasure of sex because they are now buried under a scar. to make matters Even worse the glans of the penis is now no longer protected and as a result looses sensitivity and drys out . there are many more good things about the foreskin.

How do lesbians make their own penis?

well you can take hormones to make your clit into i guess a minni penis or you use a strap on or you get a sex change

Is it wrong to want to be circumcised?

Yes, it is insane to remove a useful protective part of the body that serves to make sex more fun and preserve the integrity of the function of the penis. No

What if your 17 and my penis is not circumcised would that effect me in relationships what do i do?

Well, lets put it this way. I've never met a woman that complained about a circumcised man. They like the head, it stimulates them.Further, you have to consider what started this nifty Jewish trend. Uncircumcised men can get infections. Some women understand this and consider uncircumcised men dirty despite the fact that we are much cleaner people these days and uncircumcised men rarely have problems.That said. An uncircumcised man has more nerves in his Johnson and could feasibly get more out of sex. So there's nothing in it for you personally should you decide to go to the axe.The majority of the worlds men are not circumcised. it is a religious and cultural rite shared largely by Muslims and jews. there is no medical reasoning for the practice and the only places that claim there are medical benefits are in the countrys that were formerly british colonys as the british medical fraternity claimed that it would stop boys from masturbating whic was resonsible for many iseases ranging from syphilis to insanity. most of these countrys have just about stoped the practice. the last to hold out is the USA as the marketing by the medicos is stil firly strong.Male Circumcision Affects Female Sexual EnjoymentA survey of women who have had sexual experience with circumcised and anatomically complete partners showed that the anatomically complete penis was preferred over the circumcised penis. Without the foreskin to provide a movable sleeve of skin, intercourse with a circumcised penis resulted in female discomfort from increased friction, abrasion, and loss of natural secretions. Respondents overwhelmingly concurred that the mechanics of coitus were different for the two groups of men. Unaltered men tended to thrust more gently with shorter strokes. O'Hara, K. and O'Hara, J., "The Effect of Male Circumcision on the Sexual Enjoyment of the Female Partner," BJU 83 (1999): suppl. 1: 79-84AnswerComing from a woman, and a former nurse, it could cause you problems in relationships and with higher risk of infections. It is a personel decision that you alone have to make. I've heard other women say they prefer circumcised and only a few say they don't care one way or the other. While working as a nurse there were grown men that would have the surgery done and were very pleased with the outcome. However, it is YOUR decision and what will make you happy that matters the most.

Will getting circumcised make you bigger?


What do you do if you want your uncircumcised boyfriend husband or lover to get circumcised?

You ask him about it, but he might not want to do it. I always believed that if you want circumcised guys, stick with circumcised guys. Also, consider that circumcision is meant as a way for Jewish families to show their obedience to God. You should consider doing some research into the purpose and process of circumcision, as well as potential risks and benefits. Then consider whether you should make this request- it is comparable to a guy asking his girlfriend/lover/wife to get breast implants.

Does green tea make your penis smaller?

No food or drink can change size.

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