Circumcision is the removal of the foreskin or prepuce from the penis. The majority of circumcisions are done on religious or cultural grounds, while some are done for health reasons.

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Can the glans penis get cut off during circumcision?

Yes - it depends on the method used, but it's rare.
Yes it happens along with the possibility of a large number of other mistakes and botch ups. including the real possibility of infants bleeding to death. there is a higher incidence of this then SID's. In the case of infants there is at the least a big risk of damage being done to the glans as the foreskin needs to be torn loose from them as it and the glans are fused at that stage of life. In the US there us an industry built around circumsision mistakes.

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How to care for newly circumcised boys?

First and foremost. now that the thing has been done you have to keep in mind that the experience of the pain that the child is going through requires that you try to give it as much love and attention as you can. as at this stage the infant will find it difficult to go through the normal bonding process that takes place between mother and child. Take extra care when possible that the wound does not stay immersed in urine or feces for any longer then is absolutely necessary. both these materials generate extreme pain for the poor child . Go to the related link below (

"How to Care for Your Newly Circumcised Baby" ) for more detailed information on caring for the wound.

Don't get them circumcised in the first place? It's a needless operation that removes a large number of erogenous nerves from the penis.


Can nurses be trained to perform circumcisions?

Yes , just about anyone can this rite is so ingrained in cultural tradition and religion that the normal safety factors involved in surgery have been largely waived even in well educated society's. The practice if male genital mutilation seems to belong in a world of its own with special dispensation for its perpetrators despite the obvious violation of common law and human rights.


Can you have circumcision with herpes?

Yes, but tell the doctor first.


Does circumcision affect the growth of boys?

According to recent tests and observations Infant circumcision can have an effect on their psychological condition and as a result possibly their physical development.

If you are interested in finding out more about this go to the related link(Circumcision: A Source of Jewish Pain by Ronald Goldman) below


Who performs Jewish circumcisions?

Circumcisions of Jews are done by a Mohel (or by a Mohelet if the Mohel is a woman). A Mohel is trained in the ritual of circumcision according to the precepts outlined in classical Rabbinic texts. A Mohel is someone trained in the halacha (Jewish religious law) and medical procedures in order to be able to perform the circumcision to the highest standards, but he is not necessarily a Rabbi. The Mohel performs the ritual of brit milah (circumcision) on the baby boy eight days after he is born (unless there is a problem with the infant's health, in which case it is done at a later date).


Can you have kids if you get your foreskin cut off?

Yes you can, However you will have far less pleasure in the sexual act of producing the child without one. the foreskin is an important and pleasurably sensitive part of sexual intercourse. while there is no advantage in the removal of the foreskin on the penis. this operation has no effect on the fertility of a male.


How long can you wait to get circumcised?

A man can be circumcised at any time, but keep in mind that circumcision is not necessary. Circumcision has no known medical benefits, and no major medical association recommends routine infant circumcision. Circumcision caries with it serious risks of adverse outcomes including prolonged bleeding, infection, severe pain, and surgical error that can result in damage to the penis. For these reasons most physicians recommend against circumcision.

Circumcision can have long lasting consequences. Circumcision removes a normal part of the penis that functions to protect the glans of the penis. Removal of the foreskin can cause decreased sensitivity of the penis and decreased pleasure during sexual intercourse. This is yet another reason why circumcision is becoming increasingly uncommon. If the procedure is committed on an infant there is a real risk of post traumatic stress syndrome brought on by the excruciating pain, with outcomes like lack of bonding with the mother and behavioral problems later in life.

Circumcision is far less common now in the United States than it once was. During the 1970s and 1980, around 80% of male infants were circumcised in the United States. A study conducted in the United States from 2005-2007 found that circumcision rates had fallen to below 40% in most of the United States. In the western United States, fewer than 25% of infant males were circumcised in 2005-2007.


Do boys in Pakistan get circumcised?

Pakistan is a Muslim country and the tradition among many Muslims is to circumcise.


What is the reason behind circumsicion?

The reason for circumcising is originally a religious one the majority of people that are circumcised are either Jews or Muslims The Jews see it as a religious obligation and with the Muslims it is a cultural practice that is also founded in their religion.

In English speaking country's or country's that were influenced by British medical culture and in some country's that were under the military control of said English speaking country's practice was introduced during the Victorian era it was suggested that it would stop boys from wanting to masturbate. it was claimed at the time that masturbation was responsible for more then a hundred different diseases ranging from syphilis to insanity.

today the practice is still marketed strongly in the USA by a medical fraternity that is making billions a year from it. not only in charging for the procedure to be done on infants. but also having an industry that comes with repairing resultant botch ups. But it is quite likely that the high price the tissue (prepuce) for skin production and the production of hormones used in the cosmetic industry might also have a lot to do with this procedure being advised to naive parents.

All reputable medical authority's including those in the USA will tell you that there is no health benefit to be had from circumcision. No medical insurance will pay for the procedure.

There is also a market for the amputated prepuce to medical and cosmetics companies where they are used to make skin for burns treatment and further cosmetics products.

There is no evidence the removal of the foreskin increases the risk of illness infection or reduces hygiene.


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Do insurance companies cover adult circumcisions?

No, since there is no medical necessity of circumcision it is often not covered by insurance.


Can man cut their penis and live happily?

Yes. many circumcised men live happily without the use of the foreskin as they don't realise and or deny that this makes a difference.


The circumcision however of an infant is a very traumatic event that can cause permanent mental scaring. and interfere with a boys ability to bond properly with its parents. especially the mother.

Circumcised men can live happily despite the removal of more then 30% of penis sensitivity with the foreskin and the desensitisation of the glans penis. they don't know anything else. Men with foreskins very rarely if ever have problems.

There are thousands of men that were circumcised (without their permission) as infants and children engaged in foreskin restoration because they resent having their genitals mutilated and to restore some of the sensitivity that was lost as a result to their glans penis.


Does circumcision make you infertile?

Circumcision has no effect on the fertility of the man, or in his ability to impregnate a woman.

It can however lead to many penile problems that make the act of sexual intercourse less pleasant and more difficult. reduced sensitivity for example can lead to an inability to reach orgasm which in turn will effect the ability to impregnate as there is nothing being ejaculated to impregnate with. this problem becomes more pronounced as circumcised men age and the glans become more insensitive and hardened.


Can a 14 year old get circumcised?

It's possible. You can amputate just about any appendage of the body at any age including the foreskin.

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What is the name of the person who performs circumcisions?

The title is Mohel, related to the word Mal (Genesis ch.17), meaning circumcise.


Can you get smegma if you're circumcised?

A natural intact penis and for that mater vagina as well always produces smegma. However the in the case of the penis where the prepuce has been cut away there is not the ability for it to collect except directly under the glans and around the frenulum where there is not the constant friction from clothing.

"Infant Smegma: Skin cells from the glans of the penis and the inner foreskin are shed throughout life. This is especially true in childhood; natural skin shedding serves to separate the foreskin from the glans. Since this shedding takes place in a relatively closed space with the foreskin covering the glans the shed skin cells cannot escape in the usual manner. They escape by working their way to the tip of the foreskin. These escaping discarded skin cells constitute "infant smegma."

"Adult Smegma" ... Adult smegma serves as a protective, lubricating function for the glans." ("Care of the Uncircumcised Penis," American Academy of Paediatrics, 1984)

"An infant's glans is very delicate and can be seriously irritated by urine. The foreskin acts as a cover for the glans and produces smegma for a protective coating." (p. 55) / "As to smegma, the normal secretion produced under the foreskin, Gairdner claimed that this substance protects the glans. This is particularly important if wet diapers are left on too long, since decomposition of the urine can cause irritation of the glans if it is not coated with smegma." There is not a shred of evidence to support to theory that smegma is carcinogenic..All animals produce smegma, and none is circumcised. When mammals reproduce, smegma is deposited. If smegma contained a carcinogen or even an irritant, then the propagation of the species would be jeopardized. No such phenomenon exists. Circumcision: An American Health Fallacy, by Edward Wallerstein, Springer Publishing Co., 1980)


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Are there any alternative medicine procedures for a varicocele condition?

Ayurveda is a form of alternative medicine. Activiz®, Acidim®, and Oronerv® is an alternative medicine to treating varicocele.


How much does circumcision cost in?

It all depends on how old a person is. an infant for example can be done for a few hundred dollars because they are done with a minimum of pain killers no anesthesiologist and usually don't require much of an operating theater. however as the victim gets older there is more involved in the procedure so the price can go up to several thousand dollars. Then there is always the possibility

of complications and botch ups, especially in the case of the infant which can lead to further expenses and disability's later in life.

In the state of Mississippi it cost $300.00 for the first 3weeks starting from that day the baby was born. Then after the 3weeks it is $3,000.00 for the circumcision for your baby boy.

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If you convert to Judaism is circumcision mandatory?

There are four main branches of Judaism. They all believe the same things but to different levels of observance:

  • Reform - Least observant, but still spiritual.
  • Conservative - Mix between Reform and Orthodox
  • Orthodox - Strict observance of the laws of Judaism
  • Hasidic - Very strict observance of all the laws of Judaism

Some Reform groups don't require male circumcision as part of the conversion process, but this is a minority attitude. All others, including most Reform congregations, include circumcision in the conversion process.

1) If a male is already circumcised, there is a ceremony called a "symbolic circumcision" in which a mohel takes a drop of blood.
2) Mohels perform circumcision, but doctors and rabbis can also be trained as mohels.

Is circumcision covered under fmla?

I would say once you have a surgery you become disabled.

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Can a 2 year old get circumcised?

Yes. He can, but why should he want you to do it to him? Did you explain to him that It is intended to damage his penis that will lead to less sexual enjoyment when he is an adult, and it also reduces the pleasure felt by his partner as well. Despite what your doctor may tell you, there is VERY seldom a medical reason to cut a boy's foreskin off, any problems which do arise are almost always cured by less drastic treatments. Did you know that there are thousands of specialised nerves in the foreskin and that they are there for good reasons, and all are lost if your son is genitally mutilated. The ONLY person who should decide to have the operation is the person who has the penis, and only then if they are an adult, and they know exactly what they are doing. Once it is gone, it is gone for ever.


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