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Mules cannot reproduce. A mule is an offsprings of a horse and donkey and therefore are sterile.

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What is the collective noun for a group of mules?

The standard collective nouns for mules are:a barren of mulesa pack of mulesa rake of mulesa span of mulesa team of mules

What do mules eat?

what do mules eat?

What is the answer for the hungry mules?

Feed the mules.

What is a castrated mule called?

Male mules are called "john" mules regardless if they are castrated or not. Female mules are called "molly" mules.

Are mules considered a species?

No. Mules are hybrids.

Are there any races for mules?

All events for horses are open to mules as well (and the mules usually win), but mules specifically are raced in Texas. Mules cannot race in thoroughbred or quarterhorse races, and, they cannot out run either breed..Horses are faster than mules.

What is the plural possessive noun for the word mules?

The possessive form of the plural noun mules is mules'.Example: The mules' owner takes very good care of them.

Why cant mules make mules?

Because mules are rarely fertile... Females might be, but males aren't.

Are mules multicellular?

Yes, mules are multicellular organisms.

When do sponges release gem-mules?


How many mules are in a brace of mules?

Two mules can be a brace of mules if they are paired, haltered and equipped to work. If there are more than two animals, they will normally be termed a team.

Territorial range of mules?

Well mules with mules they will be just like horses.(They will have alpha mare or alpha gelding and so on and so forth) but when you have mules with horses mules are always on the bottom of the food chain....They will give into what the horses wants them to do.

Are mules agile?

yes because mules are female horses

When did Charles Mules die?

Charles Mules died in 1927.

When was Charles Mules born?

Charles Mules was born in 1837.

Are mules as protective as donkeys?

Mules are extremely protective and many soldiers owe their lives to the protective nature and the bravery of mules.

Do mules live on farms?

some mules live on farms but not all of them

Do mules make a sound?

Mules make a sound like a donkey

How many mules are in the world?

There are approx. 15 million mules in the world.

Does donkeys and mules produce jack asses?

Mules do not reproduce. They are sterile.

Can mules reproduce?

no mules cannot reproduce

What do you get when you cross two mules?

mules can't breed, so nothing.

Are horses and mules related?

Yes, mules are the offspring of horses and donkeys

Are there mules in the desert?

Mules are not a natural animal and require man to produce them. They are a cross between a horse and a donkey. There are no mules naturally in any desert.

What is a group of mules called?

A group of mules is called a barren, span or pack.