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Hydrogen and oxygen will react explosively to form water.

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The compound oxygen and hydrogen can combine explosively to form water.

Water is a compound of hydrogen and oxygen.

hydrogen and oxygen combine explosively in a single reaction

Hydrogen and oxygen combine explosively in a single reaction.

If there is oxygen present it will burn (explosively)

Hydrogen is not inert it reacts explosively with Oxygen to create water H2O

Nothing is left because hydrogen is an element, from which only water is formed when burning (explosively) with oxygen.

Hydrogen and oxygen can combine to form different products. By far the most common product of hydrogen and oxygen is water, H2O. However, hydrogen and oxygen can also form hydrogen peroxide, H2O2

Yes. hydrogen and oxygen molecules form water.

Sodium and water, in absence of air or oxygen, react to produce hydrogen gas and sodium hydroxide. When there is a slight amount of oxygen in the reaction mixture this will immediately and explosively react with hydrogen to form water. That's why this is a dangerous reaction.

hydrogen + oxygen = HO, hydroxide: hydrogen + oxygen + oxygen = H20, water

Hydrogen is an element. Oxygen is an element. Hydrogen reacts with Oxygen to form a compound which is called water and has the formula H2O. Hydrogen and Oxygen can also form another compound called Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)

No. Hydrogen and oxygen bond covalently.

Hydrogen burns explosively. That's why Lead Acid batteries are never tested for water level with live flame.

Hydrogen an react with oxygen to form water and not helium

Hydrogen gas and oxygen gas react to form what water (H2O).

When hydrogen and oxygen combine to form water, water is a product of the reaction.

It reacts explosively with hydrogen.

No. Hydrogen and oxygen react with each other to form water.

Hydrogen and oxygen are elements that usually take the form of molecules.

Two hydrogen atoms combine with one oxygen atom to form water.

No. It's very different. For a start, both hydrogen and oxygen are gases under ordinary conditions but water is a fairly dense liquid. Hydrogen burns explosively. Things burn vigorously in oxygen. Water can be used to extinguish many types of fires. And so it goes.

Hydrogen and oxygen undergo combination reaction to form water.When hydrogen and oxygen react together, water is formed.

No. When in the form of water, hydrogen and oxygen form a compound, which is a pure substance.

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