What can science not study?

Updated: 5/25/2024
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You can apply the Scientific Method to almost any field.

One can use a scientific approach to viewing, and even creating art.

One can use science to describe, and perhaps improve movement, or even dancing.

To some extent one can view thought processes using EEG, FNMR, and PET scans.

One can study the basis of religion, or the effects of religion with science.

I suppose there are some things that are essentially not provable though. So, a scientist can claim that there is no evidence for GOD, or come up with alternative explanations for near-death-experiences. But, it is essentially impossible to prove or disprove the actual existence of God, or the actual existence of an afterlife. What truly is one's soul?

The same might be true with something like extrasensory perception. A scientist might be able to prove an "alternative explanation" for everything a psychic does. So a good magician might be able to do everything that a psychic did, but using magic with a logical explanation. However, it may be difficult to prove that one's alternative explanation is actually the only explanation and the psychic claims are hogwash.

It isn't to say that these fields can't be studied with science, but one might never be able to come ups with an absolute proof one way or the other.

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Science typically cannot study supernatural phenomena or topics related to morals, ethics, or personal beliefs. Additionally, science may struggle to investigate subjective experiences or phenomena that cannot be consistently measured or observed through empirical methods.

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Q: What can science not study?
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