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The study of psychology is a study in science. Psychology is the study of human behavior from a scientific perspective.

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Q: Is the study of pyscology a study in science?
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Do you need to study mathematics when you study study science?

In order to study science subjects like Physics, Chemistry or Engineering Science, study of Mathematics is MUST!

Why do study science?

we study science so as to develop ourselves

What is the science and study of winemaking called?

Oenology is the science and study of winemaking.

Why do we study science and scientist?

why important to study about science and scientist? p;

Where you study science?

A science lab.

What can you study in science?

In science you can study: botany - the study of plants anatomy - the study of the human body chemistry - the study of elements and compounds biology physics

What is the meaning of learning about science?

In the science, you study the rules of nature. You have pure science and the applied science. In pure science, you study the laws of nature as they are. In applied science, you study the advantages of the science to you and humanity. In my lecture in dental college, I said, " When you study the science, you study the laws of nature. Nature being creation of God, you do are doing a prayer to the God. So when you study a science, you are doing a prayer to God. So you do not need to go to the church or temple to offer the prayers to the God.

Life sciences is the study of?


Difference of life science and physical science?

Life science is a study of living things while physical science is the study of forces and motion.

Scientists who study the science of substances are called Geologists true or false?

False. Scientists who study the science of substances are called chemists. Geologists study the science of the Earth's structure, composition, and processes.

What is the 15 branches of science?

Some of the branches of science include chemistry, biology, physics, astronomy, geology, environmental science, social science, computer science, psychology, neuroscience, engineering, medicine, mathematics, and earth science.

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In_economic_what_are_the_differences_between_social_science_and_physical_scienceSocial science study human society and behaviorPhysical science study physical and non human thingsEconomic and Science