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what CAN'T we do?! we've got pilots, infantry, people on ships, etc. you name it we've probably got it. We're the first ones into a combat zone and we're always the last out.

The Marines are the only branch of service that has the ability to dominate in the air, on land, and on the sea. You can fight or support combat roles in logistics. Look up Marine Corps MOS and you'll find a list of jobs

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Why is the marines called the marines?

The Marines are called marines because they are the water warriors and marine means of the water.

Who is stronger marines or army?


What do the Marines do?

Marines are the first to fight.

What do you call people in the marines?


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Which is better the Army or the Marines-?


What happened after 240 US Marines were killed in Lebanon?

US Marines were withdrawn from Lebanon.The marines were withdrawn from Lebanon A+ answerThe Marines were withdrawn from Lebanon

How many types of marines are there warhammer?

Well, Space Marines and Chaos Marines are the main ones. Space Marines get different types, by their specialty. Assault Marines specialize in hand to hand combat. Devastator Marines specialize in heavy weapons, etc.

What are the pay rates for marines?

Ask the marines!!!!!

What is harder to get into marines or air force?


When was We Are the Marines created?

We Are the Marines was created in 1942.

Do the US Seagoing Marines use the Marine Hymn as their song?

Why, hell yes! We seagoing Marines are MARINES!

Is female marines better than male marines?


Who has the best marines in the world?

Royal marines outright

What is the marines mascot?

The Marines mascot is an English bulldog.

Can you join the marines with herpes?

You can join the marines with herpes.

Are marines heroes?

Marines do their best to protect their country.

What were the first US Marines known as?

Continental Marines.

What do U.S marines do?

What do U.S. marines do while working?

What is the duration of We Are the Marines?

The duration of We Are the Marines is 1.17 hours.

How many Marines are in Afghanistan?

there is no saying on how many marines are ovre in afghanistan.... there is no saying on how many marines are ovre in afghanistan.... but I will tell you how many marines are OVER afghanistan.. ALL OF THEM.

Are some Seals Marines?

Yes. The Marines is a department of the Navy, and as such, Marines are eligible for SEAL team selection and training.

Are the marines tough?

Yes, the marines are the toughest branch of military.

How does the marines protect us?

the marines protect us from the air

What does the US Marines help your nation?

how do marines help our nation