What can waves travel through?

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Sound waves need a medium to travel through - the medium may be solid, liquid, or gaseous. Electromagnetic waves (including light) can also travel through empty space.

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What type of waves travel through matter?

The type of waves that travel through matter are Electromagnetic waves.

Which waves travel through a medium?

Mechanical waves, such as sound waves travel through a medium. They cannot travel through a vacuum.

What do shear waves travel through?

Shear waves travel through solids. They cannot travel through liquids and gasses (unlike compressive waves) and they can't travel through a vacuum (unlike electromagnetic waves).

Electromagnetic waves can travel through a?

Electromagnetic waves can travel through any medium as they are non- mechanical waves. They can also travel through vacuum.

How do sound waves travel through differently through gas solid and liquid?

sound waves travel through gas the slowest.sound waves travel through liquids slow and fast, in the middle.sound waves travel through solids the fastest.

How do seismic waves travel?

Seismic waves travel through the earth as body waves and surface waves. Body waves travel through the inside of the earth and surface waves travel along the surface of the earth.

Can longitudinal waves travel through a vacuum?

Only electromagnetic waves can travel through a vacuum, and all electromagnetic waves are transverse waves. Therefore, no, longitudinal waves cannot travel through a vacuum.

What do P waves and S waves travel through?

S waves trabel through solids and p waves travel through liquids and solids.

What do s waves travel through?

s-waves travel through solids only

What do earthquake waves travel through?

earthquake waves travel through the earths crust.

What do p waves travel through?

P-Waves are seismic waves that travel through solid, liquid and gas.

Can ultrasound waves travel through a vacuum?

Ultrasound waves are high frequency sound waves. As such they are pressure (longitudinal) waves and require a medium through which to travel.Therefore they will not travel through a vacuum.

What can s waves not travel through?

S-waves cannot travel through liquids, but they can travel through solids and gases. P-waves can travel through solids, liquids and gases. Hope this helped! :D

How are water waves and light waves different?

water waves travel through water and light waves travel through a vacuum (in space)

Compare and contrast P waves and S waves?

p waves travel through solids and s waves travel through liquids

Why can radio waves travel through space but sound waves can not?

Radio waves travel through empty space because they are electromagnetic waves, whereas sound is a wave that must travel through air.

Do P and S-waves travel through liquids?

Only P-waves are able to travel through liquids. S-waves are transverse or shear waves and so can not travel through liquids.

Do waves travel through water?

Waves travel through everything, whether they are composed of solidity or not.

Can sound waves travel through clouds?

Yes, sound waves can travel through clouds.

Seismic waves that cannot travel through liquids?

Shear Waves (S Waves) cannot travel through liquid

Do P waves travel through the crust?

p waves are seismic waves that travel through solid,liquid,gas.

What type of materials do S and P waves travel through?

P waves travel through solids, liquids, and gases. S waves travel through solids only.

What state of matter do P and S waves travel through?

P waves can travel through all types of matter. S waves can only travel through solids.

Why do waves travel through mediums?

Waves need not require medium to travel through. Only Mechanical waves like sound waves require medium to travel through. Electromagnetic waves travel in vaccum like light waves. Some waves transmitted in a medium due to disturbances in the medium .

What to waves travel through?

Sound waves travel through matter. The only thing it doesn't travel through is vacuums or outer space.

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