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What can we measure using litres?


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Any fluid. Fluids are anything other than solids.

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None. Litres are a measure of volume, pounds are a measure of mass.

You cannot. Each of the three containers has a capacity of an even number of litres. Their sums and differences will always be even. There is, therefore, no way to measure out an odd number of litres using them.

You cannot convert centimetres to litres. Centimetres measure length and litres measure capacity.

None. cm and litres measure different things. Litres measure volume and cm measure distance

Litres or kilograms.Litres or kilograms.Litres or kilograms.Litres or kilograms.

Litres are a measure of volume. Centimetres are a measure of length. Therefore you can't have litres in centimetres.

This is an impossible question to answer as litres and metres are not compatible measurements. You can measure litres in square metres.

You can measure any liquid with litres

There is no way that litres can equal centimetres because litres measure volume. Centimetres measure length.

There is NO correlation between millimetres and litres !Millimetres is a measure of length, Litres is a measure of volume. They are not the same

No such conversion is possible; Seconds measure time, Litres measure volume (1 US gallon = 3.78 litres, 1 UK gallon = 4.55 litres).

You could measure any liquid in litres.

Litres is used to measure volume.

You measure liquid volume in litres and ml.

So say you want 4 litres in a basin. Fill up the 5 litres, then fill up the 3 litres from the 5 litres. You are left with 2 litres in the 5l jug. pour that into the basin. Empty the 3l jug down the sink and repeat everything again to get a second 2 litres and pour this into the basin to get 4 litres

In millilitres or litres.

Litres are a measure of volume therefore it would be 9 litres

measure of length...metres measure of weight...kilograms measure of volume...litres

No, meters are a measure of length and litres are a measure of volume.

Kilometres is a measure of distance, litres is a measure of volume.

Kilograms are a measure of mass and liters are a measure of volume. There is not equivalency.

A cubic foot is a measure of volume. It's about 6.25 old gallons. Try using litres instead.

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