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Find a new dentist.

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2011-06-28 04:00:52
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Q: What can you do about your dentist overbilling?
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What is the opposite of overbilling?

The opposite of overbilling is underbilling.

Is overbilling a misdemeanor?


What can you do if your attorney is overbilling you.?

There are three things to think about in this situation. First, go to the attorney and complain and try to work it out. Second is that overbilling is either just a breach of contract for which you can sue. The third is that most states have mechanisms within their attorney ethics offices for resolution of issues like this without resort to a regular lawsuit. In NJ we have what is called the Fee Arbitration process, where a client files a request for arbitration with the Fee Arb section of the Ethics Committee alleging specific instances of overbilling. The attorney files a reply, and the matter is arbitted by a 3 member panel (2 lawyers and 1 non-lawyer) to determine whether there has been overbilling or not.

What is a reason dentist love to be a dentist?

Dentist love to be dentist because they make money.

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Dentist is a noun.

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A dentist in bed is a tooth dentist. This is a joke.

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In becoming a dentist some opportunitie are being a private dentist, a local dentist or just being a dentist to the public. The government helps you.

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for a male dentist a dentist set with a few handy equipments would be best. for a female dentist a flower or statue of dentist would be cool

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You can say "Do i have to go to the dentist?" or "That dentist is very nice to me."

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