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You can first off go to the Kentucky derby if you are there at the right time. then you can also go to the Louisville slugger factory where they make the bats and it is a museum.
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Where is Kentucky?

It is between Tennessee and Indiana, in the Eastern Central part of the United States. Kentucky is sometimes called a southern state, more specifically of the upland south. It is also occasionally referred to as being in the midwest. Kentucky is located in the south right below Ohio

People of Kentucky?

Are pretty much like the people who reside in any US State. we are the horse capital of the world!! :) so yupps!!

Why does Kentucky not have volcanoes?

Volcanoes are typically found only where the Earth's tectonic plates are colliding in such a way as to create channels (tubes) that allow magma (molten rock) to rise to the surface. These volcanic zones are largely found in the "Ring of Fire" which surrounds the Pacific Plate, and in various mid-oce ( Full Answer )

What is Kentucky?

Kentucky is a state in the USA that is famous for horse racing. It is located in the middle eastern part of the US.

What colleges are in Kentucky?

You can obtain this information by going to www.collegeboard.com/splash/ and using the sites College MatchMaker search engine, or you can also click on the related links below which will take you directly to the site . You can research colleges and universities by name, or by programs of study, or ( Full Answer )

What are the landforms of Kentucky?

The Cumberland or Appalachian Plateau in the eastern third of the state is heavily forested with hills and mountains and has the state's highest point at 4,139 ft. The Bluegrass Region is made up of rolling hills and meadows and is named for the Kentucky Bluegrass. The Northwestern part of the ( Full Answer )

Does Kentucky have a nickname?

The Bluegrass State. The name "Bluegrass" comes from the color of the seed heads of Poa grass, which grows in the region.

When was Kentucky discovered?

In 1750, Thomas Walker, a pioneer scout, entered Kentucky through the Cumberland Gap and made the first thorough exploration of the eastern part of the region. Daniel Boone explored eastern Kentucky in 1767. He came to Kentucky again in 1769, and spent two years in the Bluegrass Region. Simon Kent ( Full Answer )

Colleges in Kentucky?

The Public Universities in Kentucky include: Eastern Kentucky University Kentucky State University Morehead State University Murray State University Northern Kentucky University University of Kentucky University of Louisville Western Kentucky University Remember there are also numerous private l ( Full Answer )

What is Kentucky known for?

While Kentucky is well-known for its fried chicken, it is most known for its thoroughbred horses and its many beautiful horse farms.

What can you do in Kentucky?

One thing you could do in Kentucky in go to the Kentucky Derby. You can visit Mammoth Cave National Park, Lincoln's Birthplace and childhood home, as well as see the world's largest wooden baseball bat. At certain time of the year you can even see a moonbow.

When is the Kentucky Derby?

The Kentucky Derby is run on the first Saturday in May of every year. In the related questions box below you will find the exact starting times for different time zones. In the related link is a Web Guide to The Kentucky Derby, which provides information on attending, watching and betting on the ( Full Answer )

What schools are in Kentucky?

Kentucky has many public and private schools for grades K-12. See related links below for lists of those schools.

In what region is Kentucky?

Kentucky is in the South region of the United States of America, specifically Division 6 (East South Central) of Region 3 (South).

What state is Kentucky in?

Kentucky is a state in the US. Yes it is a state... Well actually its a commonwealth. However, it is still not in another state -_-

Who is the governor in Kentucky?

As of 2013, the Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky is Steve Beshear (D) who assumed the position in 2007, becoming the 61st person to do so.

What are the counties of Kentucky?

There are approximately 120 counties that are in the state ofKentucky. A few of the counties are Allen, Bell, and Carter.

What is the Kentucky Coat of Arms for Kentucky?

It is two men standing face to face with a double arm lock hand shake. They are dressed in long coats with tails. It is titled, "United we stand, Divided we fall". A double arm lock hand shake is a normal right handed hand shake. Each man's left hand is extended and placed on the right arm between t ( Full Answer )

Who is the mayor for Kentucky?

Since it is a state and not a city the executive branch is headed by a governor. The current one is Governor Steve Beshear.

Does Kentucky have a coastline?

A shore or shoreline borders any large body of water however a coast or coastline borders an open ocean or a sheltered coast in something like a gulf or a bay. With no ocean or sea you therefore have no coastline.

Why was Kentucky named Kentucky?

The specific reason is unknown, but the most logical belief is that it came from an Iroqouian word meaning meadow or prarie

Where is Kentucky in the US?

Mapreading 101: . South of the Great Lakes. . North of the eastern Gulf of Mexico. . West of the Chesapeake Bay. . East of Las Vegas. . Or if you have one of those little GPS things that allow you to enter something called coordinates you could try 36degrees, 30minutes North to 39 degrees and ( Full Answer )

What do the people do in Kentucky?

If they are big and brawny they might work in the coal mines. . If they are skinny and wiry they might be jockeys. . A small number build Corvettes. . A much smaller number are guides at Mammoth Cave National Park. . An unknown number are guards at the Bullion Depository. . A very select few te ( Full Answer )

What landforms are in Kentucky?

There are a variety of landforms in Kentucky. These include rollinghills, meadows, mountains, rivers, swamps, as well as caves.

Who is famous from Kentucky?

Modern people from Kentucky would be Billy Ray Cyrus and Johnny Depp. Of course, there's Daniel Boone and all of those people and Abraham Lincoln.

Does Kentucky have snakes?

There is no Official State Snake or Reptile but they have:. Copperheads . Cottonmouth . Corn Snakes . Garter Snakes . Timber Rattlesnakes . Pigmy Rattlesnakes . Milk snakes. . Kingsnakes . Black Racers . Rat snakes . Pine snakes . Mud Snakes and others.

Does Kentucky have volcanoes?

Kentucky doesn't have any active volcanoes, but in January, 1904smoke poured from Sugarloaf Mountain and people became concernedthat a full-blown eruption was about to take place. This l smokewas found not to be volcanic, but from a moonshine operation.

Is there a London in Kentucky?

Yes, it is about 150 miles southeast of Louisville via Frankfort and Lexington or 140 miles east of Bowling Green. Or you could say that it is about halfway between Berea and Jellico on Interstate 75.

Is the Kentucky Derby held in Kentucky?

Yes , the Kentucky Derby is held in Kentucky. It's held at the Churchill Downs racetrack in Louisville. The 2010 Derby represents the 136th running of the world-famous race.

Did Kentucky have Quakers?

Yes and still does. Quakers got pretty much everywhere and many places still have some Quakers around somewhere although they are often few in numbers.

How did Kentucky get its shape?

because Missouri had extended and it had pushed everything together . After everything was pushed together it formed.

Is there Winter in Kentucky?

We sure had snow this year. Typically from late December to late February. However it has been known to snow here it April!

What do you eat in Kentucky?

In Kentucky, you eat all sorts of foods. Usually you eat foods that can be found anywhere in th world, but what's important is when Kentucky people eat. 8:00 am, 3:00 pm, and 6:00 pm.

Does Kentucky have gold?

Yes, Kentucky has gold. The state rocks are sedimentary in nature, so there really aren't any significant deposits, but some streams will contain very fine gold, brought by glaciation. Persistent panning or sluicing might turn up gold the size of a grain of salt, hard data on anything larger is toug ( Full Answer )

Is there a camp in Kentucky?

Yes. Youth Haven, Camp Nathanael, Bethel Camp, Leeland Country Day Camp, and Pine Crest Youth Camp. There are a lot more though.

Who is the leader of Kentucky?

John Calipari is the head coach. Athletics Director is Mitch Barnhart. President of U.K is Eli Capilouto.

Is Kentucky Fried really from Kentucky?

Yes, the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken actually opened his first restaurant there.hope this helped for why ever you need this information. please recommend and give me good feedbackk please i am begging ou to give me what i just ya know i mean now be i am really going now or am i yes so bye see ( Full Answer )

What is burgoo in Kentucky?

Burgoo is a soup or stew made from meats and vegetables. Historically it was cooked outdoors in iron kettles over an open wood fire; cooking would take 12 hours or more. See related link

Where did the US get Kentucky?

I don't really understand your question. Kentucky is in the United States of America. It was the 15th state to gain statehood on June 1, 1792. Kentucky was never a territory. It was separated from the state of Virginia and became a state at that time.

What animals does Kentucky have?

Inbread cows, inbread horses, indread cats, inbread dogs, inbread donkeys, inbread possums, inbread pigs, inbread humans.... oh wait... u said animals right? Well.... yeah.... inbread humans. Lol. Hope that helped.

What city is Kentucky in?

No city contains Kentucky. Kentucky is a state in the lower 48 ofthe United States and has a number of cities within its boundaries.