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What company claimed? The company the insured worked for or the insurance co? If the insurance co was bought out the new company MUST honor all former policies by law. The only question should be, was the policy in force at the time of the death? Any good agent can help you with your claim. 4lifeguild

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Can you collect unemployment with a company that due to bankruptcy is no more?

unemployment has nothing to do with if a company is still in business or not. so yes you can collect. See the Related link below.

What happens to insurance when beneficiary dies before insured person?

generally nothing. Insured person can name another beneficiary.

Can an Ex spouse be a beneficiary?

There's nothing actually illegal about it.

What happens when a sole beneficiary dies before their benefactor in england?

Nothing. The benefactor will have to find another beneficiary, unless it has already been accounted for.

Your late husband did not update beneficiary on life insurance Is there anything you can do?

The Insurance company is only obligated to the original contract with all the principal parties assigned. I think there is nothing you could do unless, you could prove in a court of law, he was not in the right frame of mind, when he made the beneficiary decision.

Can a company ask you to pay them 4 years after they were given notice that you claimed bankruptcy and they were listed?

Nothing stops them from asking you for it, but you must assert your rights under the bankruptcy shield.

What happens if someone is already dead when they are a beneficiary?

First, let me assure you that being a beneficiary has little or nothing to do with where you will spend eternity! Seriously, I presume you question has to do with to whom are death proceeds payable in the absence of a living beneficiary. The answer, presuming no contingent beneficiary (ies) are named, is that the proceeds are usually payable to the deceased person's estate.

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Can my beneficiary collect life-insurance benefits after my suicide in Pa?

Most life insurance carriers have a 2 year "suicide clause" that protects them paying benefits from a policy whose owner killed himself. The state of issue has nothing to do with it, only the time period the carrier sets.

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If an adult daughter makes a claim on a life insurance policy and another inidividual is the designated beneficiary what consideration is given to the claim by the insurance company?

Only the beneficiary has claim to the life insurance. They were put as the beneficiary for a reason. I would see if there is a will which states who gets what. Most people leave it to one person(whome they trust completely), then leave it up to that person to designate who gets what. More than likely, once the funeral is paid for as well as the debt the deceased might have left, there might be nothing left.

Who benefits from a will when one of the beneficiaries die does it go to the children?

If the named beneficiary was alive when the person leaving them something in a will died, then yes it would go to the heirs the named beneficiary. However if the named beneficiary died before the person leaving them something in a will died, then no the named beneficiaries heirs would get nothing. You can not leave a dead person an inheritance.

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How do I find out if I am a beneficiary on a bank account?

That information is private between the account owner and the bank. Many people execute beneficiary forms on their accounts to bypass probate. If the owner of the account is alive, you can always ask them and if they choose not to tell you, than there is basically nothing you can do.

With a company life insurance policy for your spouse if he dies and you both owe back taxes to the IRS can the company take the money to pay the IRS before you get the payout from the life ins co?

No, if you are the beneficiary of the policy you will receive the money in full from the ins company, not the employer. If the employer is the beneficiary and they have an agreement to pay you a specific amount from the death benefit then yes they can. But this is rare. If it is just a regular company offered group life ins policy your contract is with the life ins company, not the employer. So the employer has nothing to do with the process of you being paid. You will receive a check from the ins co as soon as they receive the death certificate. But the IRS can take the money from your bank account....they will always find a way to get what they say is owed to them!

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How soon does a beneficiary get paid by insurance?

You contact the life insurance company and tell the representative that you want to file a claim. They will want you to provide a death certificate and identification. The death benefit will be paid typically within 60 days. If the insured died within two years of applying for the life insurance policy, the insurance company may investigate and this investigation could easily take 2-3 years or more. If the insured committed suicide, the insurance company will not pay the death benefit if the suicide occurred during the "suicide period" which is typically the first two years after the policy initiation. A beneficiary who contributed to the insured's death will most likely get nothing. A beneficiary who contributed to the insured's death by accident will most likely receive the benefit, but not always. If the accident occurred while the beneficiary was committing a crime, even if the death was an accident, the claim for the death benefit will likely be denied.

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